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"I really love to help people and when I can repair damage or enhance beauty in a natural way I am truly honored! I’ve seen depression lift and new life emerge. I love what I do!" - Dr. Cohen

Meet Dr. Cohen, One of California's Top Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr. Robert H. Cohen has over 20 years experience in cosmetic surgery and in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. He has helped thousands of men and women gain a new lease on life and enjoy unexpected new confidence. His artistic eye combined with the precision of his surgical skills and his deep appreciation for natural beauty equips him well for aesthetic medicine and, in particular, for the challenges that come with being a Cosmetic Surgeon.

Dr. Cohen completed his undergraduate degree in Neurophysiology at University of California San Diego and earned his M.D. at The Chicago Medical School. He went on to do a research fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UCLA and a clinical fellowship under the renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bernard Koire.

Dr. Koire is an internationally acclaimed Cosmetic Surgeon and forefather to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Cohen continued to hone his surgical skills working with the A Alpha Medical Group in facial plastic surgery for five years. His love for people and his commitment to wellness led him to take on major research projects in integrative and alternative medicine as well as non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

He continues to study ways to treat immune disorders, to better understand energy balancing and to investigate creative approaches to optimal health.

A Commitment To Kindness And Compassion

Over the last decade Dr. Cohen has played a dual role as a physician at both Westside Aesthetics and the Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center in West Hollywood. He is highly respected for his expertise in a wide range of noninvasive procedures. “I’ve learned so much working with Dr. Rivkin. He started this place almost ten years ago and has developed it to be one of the finest facilities in L.A. He has mentored me in his innovative treatments and I love seeing the great results people experience!”

Clients describe Dr. Cohen as a man of “amazing kindness” who really cares about them and takes the time to listen. “He laid out a clear plan that showed he understood exactly what I meant and steered me away from expensive procedures that wouldn’t work for me.

He’s clearly on my team and that’s so refreshing!” Dr. Cohen is a true team player and works with all the practitioners to achieve the results each client desires. “Patients here keep me on my toes because they expect perfection and we strive to provide total satisfaction!” He is certified in mesotherapy, all the fillers, Botox and in Facial Aesthetic Enhancements.

Recently Dr. Cohen founded a free facial rejuvenation clinic for the homeless, the poor and the terminally ill that has powerfully changed peoples’ lives. His genuine compassion is deeply felt and leads to concrete actions. “My motto is ‘Go out and serve.’ Give of yourself! We’re all put on this earth to help each other. Serving others will enrich your life in ways you just can’t imagine.”

Dr. Cohen was born in New York City and is married with two children.

Cosmetic Treatments Performed by Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen has continued his clinical research activities and recently participated as a sub investigator in an FDA study for Botox and in the first Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty study using Artefill® (now Bellafill) in the United States.

Dr. Cohen's Treatment Specialties include:

  • PRP – Vampire Procedures (O-Shot, P-Shot, etc)
  • Restylane
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus
  • Radiesse
  • Belotero
  • NS Nose
  • NS Blepharoplasty
  • Nasolabial folds
  • TMJ
  • Treating Pearly Penile Papules (PPP)
  • Boob job (PRP – Vampire)
  • Dysport
  • Juvederm
  • Perlane
  • Artefill
  • Sculptra
  • NS Chin
  • NS Cheeks
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Steroid/Kenalog Shots

If you have any questions for Dr. Cohen or would like to schedule a consultation, please fill out our contact form or give us a call during regular business hours.

Dr. Robert H. Cohen

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