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Our Videos at Westside Aesthetics

At Westside Aesthetics, we believe firmly in open communication with all of our patients. These videos are designed to accomplish that communication in a wide variety of ways, sometimes by bringing novel and innovative procedures to millions through television or by delivering a personal message to each and every one of our patients.


Westside Aesthetics Videos

To see more interviews with our cosmetic surgeons and staff, click here.

Media Appearances

Westside Aesthetics Videos

Dr. Rivkin has been featured on a wide variety of national television shows. To see more of those segments, click here.

Patient Stories!

Westside Aesthetics Videos

At Westside Aesthetics, we believe the best testament to our work is the word of our patients. To hear more patient stories, click here.

Patient Education

Westside Aesthetics Videos

Patient education is one of our primary missions at Westside Aesthetics, so we often create videos designed to showcase every aspect of a given procedure. To learn more, click here.

Westside Aesthetics Videos

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