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Dr. Rivkin Demonstrates Non-Surgical Nose Job

KTLA 5 Morning News
Dr. Alexander Rivkin demonstrates a non-surgical procedure that uses filler to create the effect of a nose job in 15 minutes.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin on the Today Show performing his Non-Surgical Nose Job

Dr. Alexander Rivkin was featured on the Today Show performing his 10-minute non-surgical nose job. The procedure uses injectable fillers to correct undesired deformities of the nose.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin on The Doctors Treating Excessive Head Sweating

The Doctors
Dr. Alexander Rivkin appeared on the TV show The Doctors to demonstrate how he can treat excessive scalp sweating with Botox injections. Condition is called Cranial Facial Hyperhidrosis.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin on GMA: A 10-Minute Solution to Erasing Tired Eyes

Good Morning America
Heavy bags under the eyes are an issue many women face but there is a treatment that promises to eliminate the problem in just 10 minutes — Dr. Rivkin joins Good Morning America.

Non-surgical Nose Job With Dr. Rivkin on Tyra Show

The Tyra Show
This is a clip of Alexander Rivkin MD performing the Non-surgical Nose Job procedure (15 Minute Nose Job) that he pioneered, on the Tyra show.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin and Mary Murphy on ET with Voluma®

Entertainment Tonight
Renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin appeared on Entertainment Tonight along with So You Think You Can Dance star judge, Mary Murphy. Dr. Rivkin introduced the new wonder injectable called Voluma®, a new filler that creates volume like nothing before.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin Shows How Radiesse for Hands Works, Including a Live Patient Consult

Aesthetic TV
In this interview with Dr. Alexander Rivkin, Stuart Brazell looks at Radiesse for Hands from Merz Aesthetics, the first and only dermal filler FDA approved to restore volume in the hands.

Do We Have Bad Skin? Dr. Rivkin Analyzes Skin Types of the Ladylike Team.

Watch as Dr. Rivkin helps the Ladylike gang understand and address sun and skin damage.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty with Dr. Alexander Rivkin

Cosmetic Town TV
Find out all about Beverly Hill’s hottest trend:Non Surgical Rhinoplasty from Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Alexander Rivkin.

Dr. Rivkin on The Doctors — Age Defying Treatment

The Doctors
Dr. Rivkin travels to the set of the acclaimed television show, The Doctors to demonstrate some age defying treatments on live television.

Dr. Rivkin Featured on ABC7 with New Product: Kybella in Los Angeles

Dr. Rivkin is featured on this segment from ABC 7, where he discusses using Kybella in Los Angeles at Westside Aesthetics. Kybella is an injectable that can help eliminate fat.

Dr. Rivkin Showcases Non Surgical Rhinoplasty on America Now!

America Now
Watch as Dr. Rivkin showcases his skills and the excellent results of his cosmetic surgery techniques on the television show, America Now.

Dr. Rivkin Treats Dancing With The Stars Judge

Entertainment Tonight
As featured on this episode of Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Alexander Rivkin uses Voluma to treat loss of volume in one of the judges from Dancing with the Stars.

Varicose Vein Treatments on The Doctors

The Doctors
On this segment of The Doctors, Dr. Rivkin demonstrates a non-invasive way to eliminate unwanted varicose veins, which might otherwise cause emotional discomfort.

Dr. Rivkin Demonstrates Non Surgical Nose Job on Live TV

By demonstrating the non surgical nose job on live television, Dr. Alexander Rivkin shows just how wonderful, versatile, and quick this procedure can be in front of an audience of millions of people.

The Success of Non Surgical Techniques

American Health Journal
Watch as Dr. Rivkin's work with nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and how much patients enjoy the results.

Non Surgical Blepharoplasty on The Doctors

The Doctors
Dr. Rivkin was featured on this popular medical program, discussing his revolutionary nonsurgical procedure, the non surgical eyelid lift, which helps diminish bags under the eyes.

Non Invasive Nose Job on the The Doctors

The Doctors
Dr. Rivkin was featured on this installment of the popular medical program The Doctors, where he discusses a nonsurgical technique called non-invasive rhinoplasty.

Injectable Beauty Investigation: Dr. Rivkin on Fox11

This Fox 11 News report investigates injectable beauty–what they call the trend in nonsurgical procedures in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Rivkin was featured in this piece discussing the appeal of nonsurgical procedures.

Chelsea Handler Investigates Cosmetic Surgery

Chelsea Lately
In this episode of the popular television show, Chelsea Lately, the title character wants to know a little bit more about cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin Discusses Non Surgical Blepharoplasty on GMA

Good Morning America
Dr. Alexander Rivkin went on Good Morning America to discuss non surgical blepharoplasty–a procedure that can leave you looking more youthful in as little as ten minutes.

Non Surgical Procedures Make a Splash

Vegas INC
In this segment of the popular television program Vegas INC, guests discuss non-surgical techniques that Dr. Alexander Rivkin from Westside Aesthetics helped pioneer.

Botox for Migraines on Extra

In this segment of the entertainment news show, Extra, Dr. Rivkin demonstrates how Botox can be used to help relieve pain caused by Migraines–the worst type of headache.

Dr. Rivkin on How Do I Look?

How Do I Look?
Dr. Rivkin was featured on fashion makeover television show How Do I Look, where he demonstrated techniques designed to relax and rejuvenate.

How to Beat Thigh Chafing

The Doctors
Dr. Rivkin went on The Doctors to discuss some of his techniques and procedures, including about how to beat thigh chafing.

Job Seekers Look to Turn Back the Clock

Watch Dr. Rivkin discuss non surgical procedures and their impact in a competitive job market to land or retain jobs.

Dr. Rivkin Discusses Excessive Head Sweating

Dr. Alexander Rivkin appeared on the TV show Extra to demonstrate how he can treat excessive scalp sweating with Botox injections.

Dr. Rivkin on Primer Impacto

Primer Impacto
Dr. Rivkin appears on the TV Show Primer Impacto to discusses the non surgical nose job.

10 Minute Eye Bag Treatment

Good Morning America
Dr. Rivkin appears on the Good Morning America to discuss his innovative non surgical under eye treatment.

Non Surgical Nose Job on Extra!

In this segment on the popular television show Extra! Dr. Rivkin discusses the non surgical nose job, a painless way to get the nose you want.

Dr. Rivkin Discusses His Techniques on German TV

German TV
In this segment from a German television show, Dr. Alexander Rivkin discusses his novel techniques and approaches to non invasive cosmetic surgery.

Westside Aesthetics Featured on Local News

In this segment on NBC4 Local News, Dr. Alexander Rivkin is featured. He discusses his non surgical techniques and procedures.

Dr. Rivkin Performs Non Surgical Facelift on Extra

Dr. Rivkin highlights the non surgical facelift–a great way to get a more youthful looking face without the need for traditional surgery and painful recovery.

Non Surgical Nose Job on Tyra!

Dr. Alexander Rivkin is featured on the popular syndicated talk show, Tyra! In this segment, he discusses his revolutionary non surgical nose job technique.

Dr. Rivkin on Croatian TV

Fani Stipkovic
Dr. Alexander Rivkin was one of the featured guests on this Croatia TV show. The Fani Stipkovic program interviewed Dr. Rivkin because of his revolutionary non surgical nose job procedure.

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