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The Practitioner Team

Donna, Westside Aesthetics

Donna McGhaney, RN

Donna is a laser specialist with extensive expertise in both hair removal and in skin rejuvenation. Her medical career began 20 years ago in New York City where she earned her Nursing degree and worked in a Manhattan dermatology practice.

When she moved to California she began work in the aesthetic industry when laser hair removal was a new procedure.

Jocelyne, Westside Aesthetics

Jocelyne Rosenthal, RN

Jocelyne specializes in the injectables. Her tremendous medical expertise combined with her artistic eye and gentle touch continues to create a positive experience for her clients who often say “I just didn’t realize I could actually look that good!” She uses a wide variety of treatments such as Botox®, Dysport®, Restylane®, Juvederm®, Radiesse®, and Artefill® as well as chemical peels and medical products that transform the skin.

Malia, Westside Aesthetics

Malia Ah Choy, LE

Joining us from Hawaii, Malia brings that wonderful Aloha Spirit that fills you with warmth and the fragrance of a distant paradise! She serves as our lead medical esthetician. Malia has 15 years experience providing advanced skincare services in exclusive medical practices and in the most luxurious resort spas in the country.

Maryam, Westside Aesthetics

Maryam Younessi, PA-C.

Maryam has been working in the medical field since 2003. She started her career educating patients about treatment plans and medical prescriptions and then went on to assist in radiology procedures. Her love for helping people look and feel better and her interest in women’s health led her to Westside in 2008.

Stefanie, Westside Aesthetics

Stefanie Paige, RN, SPSN

With more than 20 years experience and extensive training in aesthetic treatments, Stefanie is known for her ability to combine medical expertise with exceptional artistic talent. Her gracious, attentive and caring attitude helps clients relax while she creates a natural look that beautifully optimizes each person’s unique features.

The Patient Support Team

Karen, Westside Aesthetics

Karen Howe,
Practice Manager

Karen has managed medical practices and spas for more than a decade. Her skills in administration, management and communication continue to build the strong foundation that makes Westside thrive! Karen works with Dr. Rivkin to ensure the best possible experience for each customer and to recruit and retain the best employees. She manages all aspects of practice operations and oversees the ongoing training and development of each staff member.

Gina, Westside Aesthetics

Gina Simili, LE, LMT Assistant Manager

We are pleased to introduce one of our newest staff members, Gina Simili, who joined our practice in February as Assistant Manager. Gina supervises the front desk and works with patients to ensure a positive experience. She follows up and answers any questions related to treatments, provides guidance when needed and makes sure we carry the right skin care products and supplies for our patients and guests.

Ali, Westside Aesthetics

Ali Begnaud, LE
Medical Assistant/Patient Consultant

If you are a patient of Dr. Rivkin’s or plan to enjoy one of his non-invasive procedures, you’ll most likely get to meet Ali. Her sunny disposition will welcome and relax you and her competent guidance keeps you informed and on the right track! As Dr. Rivkin’s medical assistant, she’ll be there during your procedure and often follows up by telephone to ensure you receive whatever support you might need.

April, Westside Aesthetics

April Keith,
Patient Coordinator

The cheerful voice you hear when you call us most likely belongs to April, who joined us this year as Patient Coordinator. When you first meet her, she’ll greet you with a smile and help you feel welcome and comfortable right away! She prides herself in delivering prompt, competent and friendly service to each and every patient.

Click here for a complimentary consultation with any one of our staff members or speak with Dr. Rivkin himself.

11645 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800. Los Angeles, CA 90025  |  (310) 443-5273

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