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Botox injection is one of the most common procedures we do at Westside Aesthetics. Dr. Rivkin is known as one of the best Botox injectors in the country and spends a considerable amount of time teaching the fine points of Botox injection to other physicians here in Los Angeles and throughout the United States. He has personally trained Stephanie and Maryam, as well as Dr. Cohen. They are all outstanding injectors, with world class level expertise in Botox injection as well as injection of fillers and other neuromodulators. In fact, Stephanie has become an official Botox trainer herself, teaching nurses at Allergan sponsored educational sessions.

Botox injection is the most common aesthetic procedure performed in Los Angeles today. Thousands of Botox injections happen on a daily basis in Los Angeles, from Westlake Village to Beverly Hills to Hollywood. The goal of the best Botox injectors is to make sure that the Botox injections do not cause an unnatural appearance. The patient should be able to make facial expressions with minimal wrinkling of the skin. This is not easy to do.

Botox is a drug that weakens the muscles where it is injected. It is very much dose dependent. The more you inject, the more weakening you get. The best Botox injection gives a dose high enough to weaken the muscles so that wrinkles such as the 11 lines between the brows are no longer formed. But the Botox dose should not be so high that the patient is unable to express emotions like anger or surprise. Dr Rivkin and our staff know that finding a patient’s optimal Botox dose is sometimes a process, so we are always conservative at first with our dosing. We would much rather give too little Botox than too much. We welcome our new patients to get touch up treatments so that we can determine the optimal Botox dose as quickly as possible. Of course, our patients only pay for the amount of Botox units that they receive. This policy is in line with the general philosophy of our practice. We believe that all of the treatments that we perform should be natural looking and subtle. We will never make our patients look over injected or “done.”

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