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    "My non surgical nose procedure seems too good to be true, the results are amazing! Dr. Rivkin is so good at what he does, there was no pain, no swelling, no downtime! It's hard to believe that such a simple procedure can be so life changing!"


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    "First of all, I'd like to say thank you for the complimentary second office visit. I can tell that you take great pride in your craft and care about what your clients want. Thank you so much for your skilled craftsmanship and an eye for such fine work."

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  • Non-Surgical Face Lift

    "Dr. Rivkin did an AMAZING job on my face! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I really appreciate everything you've done for me and all the help you've given me!! I'm just so happy! This DEFINITELY gives me the self confidence that I was looking for for next weekend!"


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    "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave me when I was in southern Cal a few weeks ago. You were the only office that responded to my email, and actually I'm grateful. I love my Fraxel & will plan more treatments. Thanks again for your professionalism, your friendly atmosphere and your patient care."

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BOTOX® Cosmetic

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BOTOX® Cosmetic is a safe, reliable injectable medication, which blocks the actions of certain nerves. For wrinkles this means relaxing the muscles that crease the skin or pull the skin down. For excess sweating it disables the nerves, which stimulate the sweat glands.

BOTOX® is the brand name of a protein produced in the laboratory from the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. Although the source of BOTOX® is a poison, BOTOX® itself is not a poison. It is modified extensively in the lab and its concentration is diluted, making it one of the safest medications known. When injected at the right dose and using the correct injection technique, side effects are extraordinarily rare.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic is very effective at:

  1. Smoothing wrinkles and folds such as:
    • Forehead worry lines
    • Between the brows frown lines
    • Crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes
    • Vertical lines around the lips
    • Dimpling of the chin
  2. Lifting the eyebrows and corners of the mouth
  3. Relaxing vertical neck bands
  4. Reducing the frequency and severity of migraine and tension headaches.
  5. Relieving excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the palms, face, underarms and soles of the feet.
  6. Eliminating the pain and discomfort of teeth grinding and TMJ
  7. Decreasing the frequency of migraine headaches

Dr. Rivkin also uses BOTOX® Cosmetic, sometimes in combination with injectable fillers in his revolutionary non-surgical alternatives to:

BOTOX® comes as a powder. The physician or nurse injector then adds saline to make it a liquid suitable for injection. BOTOX® is then injected directly into very specific muscles of the face in order to achieve the desired weakening effects. The BOTOX® protein remains in the muscle for about three to four months, at which point it is broken down by the body and excreted. At no point does BOTOX® get absorbed by the body. If injected correctly, BOTOX® does not have systemic effects throughout the body. It only affects the muscle into which it is injected.

Side effects or problems with BOTOX® injections are almost exclusively due to inexperienced or unskilled injectors. This is why you have to be careful where you get your BOTOX® injections. You should know the qualifications and experience of the physician or nurse doing the injections. The facility should be clean and professional. It should not be in a shopping mall because medspa chains in shopping malls rely on impulse business. Their survival as a business does not depend on the establishment of a relationship with a loyal, stable patient base. They do not much care if you come back, so they do not have an incentive to be continuously improving their skills. The person administering your injections should be very experienced and should be performing BOTOX® injections on a daily basis. Occasional injectors of BOTOX® are the ones that make errors leading to eyelid droop or an over-Botoxed, paralyzed face.

Properly done BOTOX® injections should result in a relaxed and smoothed facial appearance where you can still make facial expressions. BOTOX® can make your eyebrows arch a bit higher to open your eyes more. It can soften the angry appearance of the “11″ lines and the downturned mouth (BOTOX® can actually lift up the corners of the mouth). BOTOX® can also reduce the worried appearance of a lined forehead. All of this can be done without making you look unnatural. Subtle, natural facial relaxation is what you should expect from your BOTOX® treatment.

Real BOTOX® Cosmetic is a safe injectable. Concerns about the safety of BOTOX® have been raised in the media after so-called “black market BOTOX®” procedures. Dr. Rivkin only uses real BOTOX® Cosmetic which has been proven through extensive research and testing to be safe and effective.

Dr. Rivkin is one of the first physicians in this country to use BOTOX® for the treatment of teeth grinding and TMJ problems. BOTOX® is an incredibly effective solution to this common affliction. The injection goes into the masseter – the main chewing muscle. BOTOX® partially relaxes the muscle so that your chewing and movement are completely unaffected, but the grinding stops. Once the habit of grinding is broken, your brain often reprograms itself. Grinding your teeth stops being your response to stress. You can read more about the use of BOTOX® injection to cure teeth grinding here.

You can also read frequently asked questions about BOTOX® here.

During your free initial consultation, Dr. Rivkin will evaluate your existing profile, desired end results, and explain the procedure in detail. You will have the opportunity to view before and after photos, so that you will know exactly what to expect from the BOTOX® treatment.

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Dr. Rivkin’s patients know that they can get in touch with him at any time. He’s always in the office at Westside Aesthetics, and is personally involved in every BOTOX® treatment.

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We are proud to provide BOTOX® for patients throughout the Los Angeles area, including: Newport Beach, Orange County, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, California. To learn more about BOTOX® injections or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us today.

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