Non Surgical Nose Job Questions

Dr. Rivkin,
i had a septorhinoplasty procedure 2 years ago. I have been left with a scooped out ski-slope type profile. Can this procedure be used to fill in this scooped out part and make my nose appear straight?

yes, absolutely. i have used filler to fill in aggressively resected dorsums and it works really well. the nasal profile looks perfectly straight afterwards.

Dr Rivkin
I am really considering getting the non surgical nose job. I would love to have you do it, but I live in NJ, so you are quite far away from me. I was wondering if you know of any doctors near me that you trust would do just as good a job as you?

hi bubbies,
unfortunately, i do not know of anyone out there doing this procedure well. i know a few people doing it out there, but no-one good. i have plans to start
teaching it soon, but i have not yet set up the training structure. most people fly out for it if they can afford the time. its still a big savings over surgery and, since its LA, people make a little vacation out of it.

15 Minute Nose Job

There may be some confusion as to the names of different procedures. Sorry about that, but sometimes what I call the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure gets called different things by the press. So, just to make it clear, the following are just different names for the same procedure:

Non Surgical Nose Job
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty
Injection Rhinoplasty
15 Minute Nose Job

It’s the procedure that I invented about 4 years ago, and I’ve treated about 450 people from all over the world. It is the same procedure that finally has a permanent effect through the use of Artefill. I have just put together the structure to train and certify other doctors in the 15 Minute Nose Job, so I’m very excited to be finally teaching it.

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