Cosmetic Injectables for Healthy Skin in LA

What kinds of injectables do you use?

Through his experience, Dr. Rivkin has found that some injectables are safer and deliver better results than others.  Depending on the application and your preference we use Botox Cosmetic, Collagen, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, Juvederm, Evolence, and Artefill.

For how long do the results last?

Results vary in length depending on the patient, the injectable used and the amount of injectable they are receiving. BOTOX® lasts for three to five months, Juvederm lasts for about seven to eight months, Evolence lasts for 12 months, Radiesse for ten to fourteen months, while Sculptra lasts much longer, up to two to three years. Artefill is a permanent injectable that does not dissolve and the effect has been seen to persist for longer than a decade.

What happens if I don’t have follow-up treatments?

Your original appearance will return with time as the injectable wears off and is excreted by the body.

What happens when the injectables wear off?

The body slowly and safely breaks down and excretes the injectable substance. Most of the injectables that Dr. Rivkin uses do not have long term effects in the body. None of them build up in the body over time, and none of them cause side effects over long term use.

Will I need an allergy test?

In the past many injectable fillers were animal based and allergy testing was required well in advance of treatment. Of the injectables that Dr. Rivkin uses, only Artefill has collagen in it and so requires an allergy test. The rest contain no animal products and do not require an allergy test.

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