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Light Based Acne Treatment

What is acne?

Sebaceous glands within the skin create an oily substance called sebum. Normally sebum is expelled through pores in the skin. These pores can become clogged due to overproduction of sebum caused by hormones, dead skin cells, and other factors. When these pores become clogged they become infected with bacteria, creating pimples and inflammation.

How do light based treatments treat acne?

Light based treatments including Blue LightIntense Pulsed Light (IPL), and Photodynamic Therapy specifically target the overactive oil glands and the bacteria associated with acne. This kills the bacteria and dries up excess oil, eradicating existing acne and helping prevent further breakouts.

Are the results permanent?

Blue Light therapy and IPL help to prevent future beak outs. Photodynamic Therapy treatments have been shown to prevent acne from returning for two years or more. That being said, acne is a chronic condition caused by factors that we do not yet fully understand. Promises of permanent acne eradication are difficult to make for any of the accepted treatments. Dr. Rivkin’s strategy has always been to clear up existing acne aggressively using light treatment, and then keep it under control with less intense, but still effective measures. These include topical prescription medications, acne facials, blue light treatments and the best acne products available.

What about cleanliness and diet?

Acne is not caused by dirt or by eating chocolate and greasy foods. Over-washing can actually make acne worse. You should wash your face twice a day. Changes in diet alone will not cure acne, but if you find that certain foods seem to coincide with breakouts then it is best to avoid those foods.

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