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FAQ’s – Radiesse & Sculptra Treatments LA

Radiesse Restores Volume to Loose, Sagging Skin

As time ticks on, slack, sunken skin becomes enemy number one. Because collagen and elastin are on the decline, wrinkles appear more pronounced and skin starts to sag downwards. While this inevitable side-effect of aging is often discussed in relation to the face, the hands – because of their naturally thin skin and routine exposure to the elements – also exhibit a similar loss of volume which manifests as prominent veins and tendons.

To counteract thin, sagging skin, Dr. Alexander Rivkin [link] of Westside Aesthetics [link] often enlists Radiesse, a dermal filler that restores volume to areas affected by collagen loss.

What is Radiesse?
Radiesse is revolutionary because it utilizes calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres that closely mimic naturally-occurring substances in the body, making it biocompatible. The body breaks down Radiesse much more slowly than other fillers, allowing patients to enjoy their results for longer. Post-treatment, patients enjoy an immediate plumping of the skin, but because Radiesse spurs the production of natural collagen, there’s also a continuous improvement over time.

Why select Radiesse over a traditional facelift?
As with other dermal fillers, Radiesse boasts several advantages over a typical surgical procedure. It is far less invasive, requiring only a few injections at the treatment site, and because there is no need for anesthesia – general or local – there are far fewer complications and contraindications. Radiesse is FDA-approved to treat signs of aging in the hands and face, and its constituents have been used safely in the medical community for years.

What does a Radiesse treatment entail?
Prior to a Radiesse procedure at Westside Aesthetics, Dr. Rivkin offers a complementary consultation to evaluate the patient’s medical history, skin condition and treatment goals. Once a treatment plan has been agreed upon, the procedure takes an average of 30 minutes. Since there is no downtime associated with Radiesse, patients typically return to their daily activities immediately.

Side effects can include swelling, which is easily mitigated with an ice pack, or mild irritation, tenderness or itching. These are common side effects that can accompany any injection and they subside on their own within a few days.

Are the effects immediate?
Results are evident immediately with continued improvement over the course of several months as new collagen growth is spurred. Effects typically last 12 to 18 months, making Radiesse one of the longest-lasting temporary dermal fillers.

Who is a candidate for Radiesse?
The ideal candidate for Radiesse is an individual who is in good overall health, has a desire to reverse signs of aging without surgery, and has no history of body dysmorphic disorder [link]. Dr. Rivkin treats both men and women who are coping with volume loss and sagging skin.

Why choose Dr. Rivkin and Westside Aesthetics?
Dr. Rivkin is a Yale-trained, board-certified cosmetic surgeon and he is a UCLA faculty member. He focuses exclusively on providing his patients with the latest non-invasive, non-ablative treatments so they can look and feel their best, without undergoing major surgery. Westside Aesthetics is centrally located in Los Angeles and the state-of-the-art office touts a comfortable and relaxed setting. All of the practice’s staff members are fully accredited and highly trained, and they are always available to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (310) 443-5273 to set up an appointment or fill out our contact form.

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