• Non-Surgical Nose Job

    "My non surgical nose procedure seems too good to be true, the results are amazing! Dr. Rivkin is so good at what he does, there was no pain, no swelling, no downtime! It's hard to believe that such a simple procedure can be so life changing!"


  • Friendly Service, Reasonable Prices

    "First of all, I'd like to say thank you for the complimentary second office visit. I can tell that you take great pride in your craft and care about what your clients want. Thank you so much for your skilled craftsmanship and an eye for such fine work."

    Sincerely, MP

  • Non-Surgical Face Lift

    "Dr. Rivkin did an AMAZING job on my face! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I really appreciate everything you've done for me and all the help you've given me!! I'm just so happy! This DEFINITELY gives me the self confidence that I was looking for for next weekend!"


  • Fraxel Laser Skin Treatments

    "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave me when I was in southern Cal a few weeks ago. You were the only office that responded to my email, and actually I'm grateful. I love my Fraxel & will plan more treatments. Thanks again for your professionalism, your friendly atmosphere and your patient care."

    Sincerely, PG


before & after Ultherapy photos
Ultherapy is an effective treatment to remove wrinkles naturally – making your own body work for you. Unlike radiofrequency technologies like Thermage, which have been around for the last ten years, Ultherapy’s precise targeting of collagen fibers with ultrasound generate deep heat that stimulates more collagen contraction and gets better results. Dr. Alexander Rivkin is highly experienced with cosmetic treatments and is proud to offer the Ulthera technology in his Los Angeles office. When you come in for a consultation he would see whether you are a good candidate for Ultherapy by itself or in combination with other aesthetic lasers and fillers.

Ulthera (also known as Ultherapy), uses ultrasonic waves to move through the skin surface without harming it. Once it reaches the targeted tissues of the dermis, it provides stimulating heat to the collagen fibers, forcing them into contraction. Ulthera is a treatment that does not require anesthesia. There is some discomfort associated with the treatment, but this is managed in the office with distraction techniques or, for our more sensitive patients, we have medications such as Vicodin and Xanax available. Ulthera is FDA-approved and safe to use on all skin types. The procedure takes thirty minutes to an hour to perform.

The full effects of Ultherapy may take a few months to be seen due to the gradual nature of bodily healing and collagen production. However, visible results can be seen very quickly due to the immediate effects of protein denaturation and fiber contraction. There will be no damage done to the superficial layers of skin.

There is no downtime with the Ultherapy treatment, so you do not have to worry about missing work or any important events. There may be some slight redness or tingling post-treatment, but these sensations fade quickly as the body adjusts to the new tightening of the skin. For areas such as the cheeks or neck that are most affected by gravity’s forces, there is no better or safer treatment in the market than Ulthera.

Dr. Rivkin founded Westside Aesthetics in order to provide the best cosmetic treatment to anyone who wants to improve his/her appearance and preserve a natural look. Serving patients both in Los Angeles and in areas such as Malibu, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, Dr. Rivkin ensures quality results for all his patients and fully accommodates their needs and goals. Schedule a consultation with him to discuss your cosmetic concerns and find the best treatment options for you. Even if you cannot make a consultation in person, Dr. Rivkin is happy to conduct consultations via email, phone, or Skype. It is never too late to look a little younger – call and ask about the Ulthera treatment, which has had people from all over the United States raving about it.

Loose and Sagging Skin Solution with Thermage

As we age, our skin loses its tightness and elasticity and instead of hugging our shape closely, it starts to dangle in folds. And if we’ve been overweight and lost the weight, that extra bulk will have stretched the skin, again making it lose some elasticity.

Probably most of us have used a “skin toner” at some point. It’s a bit of a misnomer. Skin doesn’t “tone up”. It’s our muscles that tone up, when we exercise. By exercising a muscle, we enlarge it somewhat, and strengthen it, so that now it’s toned up.

When we’re young and slim, our skin is elastic enough to shrink and stretch with our changes in bulk, and it will stretch slightly to stay smooth over the slightly enlarged muscle. But as we age, our skin loses this ability, and once stretched, it stays that way and forms folds or jowls.

There are surgical ways to tighten skin. The excess is removed and what remains is stitched in its new position, tightly covering the tissue underneath. Some examples are a jowl lift, a necklift, and eyelift treatments. But all surgery brings risk. At Westside Aesthetics we prefer to use non-surgical methods.


Thermage is a way of tightening skin, smoothing out wrinkles, and restoring the lost facial contours. It’s done with a device that uses ThermaCool technology. It has a ThermaTip, and delivers energy to the skin in the form of radio waves. The FDA approved it for treatment of facial wrinkles non-invasively.

Depending on how large an area you want to have treated, it can be done in just a few minutes, or perhaps an hour or so. There are no stitches, no swelling and no downtime. You can pop over to your nearest Westside Aesthetics location on your lunch hour to have it done, and return to work immediately afterwards, which is why it’s been given the nickname of “lunch hour facelift”.

Read more about Thermage

Dr. Rivkin’s patients know that they can get in touch with him at any time. He’s always in the office at Westside Aesthetics, and is personally involved in every treatment.

To learn more about Dr. Rivkin’s loose skin treatment or to schedule a free consultation in the Los Angeles area, contact us by phone or email today.

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