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Non Surgical Nose Job, LA

good morning doctor rivkin,

if possible, i would like to ask you another thing about radiesse for a no surgical nose job:

1. i wear glasses, are there any problem with the filler? is it possible that radiesse will migrate o move with the little weight of the glasses?
2. i’ve some red capillars on my nose. could i remove it with the radiesse on or the filler could give me some problem?
3. the last thing..if one day i would like to have a surgical rinoplastic to remove the hump on my nose , the radiesse that now i will put could be a problem?

many thanx doctor.

1. i tell my patients to hold off on wearing sunglasses for a week after the non surgical nose job treatment. if that is not possible, i just ask them to do their best and perhaps wear light weight glasses or decrease the use of glasses, or wear them in a position that does not press upon the area of the nose where radiesse was injected. i have never had a case where glasses caused a dent in the nose after radiesse, but i just want to be sure.

2. we can treat the capillaries with a device that eliminates them after the procedure. occasionally, the radiesse injection makes capillaries like that a bit more noticeable, but we can always treat them.

3. this is a concern that some doctors have raised. i really think that, if you wait a year or so after the radiesse injection, surgery should be fine. if you want to be really sure, wait 18 months. Radiesse is a temporary filler. the body breaks it down and it should never cause permanent scarring under the skin. i have had some patients have rhinoplasty after the radiesse injection. they waited the appropriate amount of time and everything was ok.

2 Responses to “Non Surgical Nose Job, LA”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dr. Rivkin,
    I’m wondering how the nose looks as the Radiesse wears off. Does it break down evenly so that one is not forced to get continuous treatments if they are not interested in maintaining the look for life?

  2. Dr. Alexander Rivkin says:

    great question.
    it always wears off evenly and symmetrically. i have never seen bumps or irregularities as it wears off.

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