• Non-Surgical Nose Job

    "My non surgical nose procedure seems too good to be true, the results are amazing! Dr. Rivkin is so good at what he does, there was no pain, no swelling, no downtime! It's hard to believe that such a simple procedure can be so life changing!"


  • Friendly Service, Reasonable Prices

    "First of all, I'd like to say thank you for the complimentary second office visit. I can tell that you take great pride in your craft and care about what your clients want. Thank you so much for your skilled craftsmanship and an eye for such fine work."

    Sincerely, MP

  • Non-Surgical Face Lift

    "Dr. Rivkin did an AMAZING job on my face! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I really appreciate everything you've done for me and all the help you've given me!! I'm just so happy! This DEFINITELY gives me the self confidence that I was looking for for next weekend!"


  • Fraxel Laser Skin Treatments

    "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave me when I was in southern Cal a few weeks ago. You were the only office that responded to my email, and actually I'm grateful. I love my Fraxel & will plan more treatments. Thanks again for your professionalism, your friendly atmosphere and your patient care."

    Sincerely, PG

Oxygen Infused Facial

Westside Aesthetics is proud to exclusively offer the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials. These unique Facial treatments reflect innovations in today’s physician developed cosmetceuticals.  Now, medical grade facials can be enjoyed as relaxing spa therapies that will sooth and protect your skin from environmental, hormonal, or age related stress factors.

Aging, sun damaged, or acne-prone skin can be easily repaired with Intraceutical’s clinically developed Oxygen Facial. Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials are custom designed to hydrate, soothe, and repair every kind of skin type from acne-prone to aging.  Specially formulated infusions work to re-establish the skin’s natural balance. When combined, these infusions offer an excellent option to more uncomfortable rejuvenation procedures that may require downtime.

Each Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial is prepared using an essential blend of botanicals, amino acids, essential oils, and vitamins.  These nutrient-rich ingredients help defend against environmental damage, premature aging, acne, and uneven pigmentation.  Perfect for all skin types and a variety of skin conditions, The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials noticeably improve lines and wrinkles, tone and texture, and overall integrity of the skin.

Intraceuticals Clarity Infusion

Soothing botanicals reduce bacteria and immediately calm inflammation and redness. The Clarity Infusion controls excessive cellular build-up and oil production while clarifying the top layers and refining the deepest layer of skin.  Results are instant and noticeable in the weeks following the treatment.  Sensitive skin options are available.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Infusion

Unique rejuvenating serum is applied and activated with light pressurized oxygen. You’ll instantly look years younger as fine lines are visibly reduced and skin is left velvety soft and glowing. The Rejuvenate Infusion is suitable for all skin types.

Intraceuticals Opulence Infusion

Uneven skin pigmentation is treated with Botanical brighteners and Vitamin C concentration.  Additional hydrating serum is combined to balance skin, leaving you radiant and luminous. Suitable for all skin types.

Intraceuticals Anti-Aging Infusion

Experience visible line and facial fold softening without needles! Intraceuticals Anti-Aging Infusion contains all the benefits of the Rejuvenate Infusion plus the skin-smoothing complex of atoxelene.  Atoxelene relies on natural amino acids to instantly relax muscle contraction areas to produce a smoother, more flawless, younger looking complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

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