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Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly penile papules (PPP) are benign, skin colored bumps that ring the edge of the head of the penis. Most patients seek medical attention because they assume that PPP are a sexually transmitted disease

PPP are not an STD.

PPP are not contagious and do not threaten your health. You do not contract them through sexual contact. They are not linked in any way to cancer.

PPP occur more frequently in uncircumcised men and are usually first noticed when the patients are in their twenties or thirties. PPP are really quite common, and, aside from occasional sensitivity during sex, cause no harm.

Studies show that 15% to 40% of all men get PPP at some point in their lives. The number, size, or area covered by PPP is not affected by diet, exercise, or sexual activity.

After noticing these bumps, they should be brought to the attention of a doctor. Once it is clear that the diagnosis is PPP and not genital warts or molluscum, you can discuss treatment options.

Since they are wholly benign and tend to resolve over time without treatment, doing nothing is a reasonable choice.

Those who have PPP long term, or who desire immediate cosmetic improvement, have several treatment options. According to the medical literature and affirmed by our experience, the safest, most reliable means of eliminating PPP is with a CO2 laser.

After numbing of the area with topical cream for about an hour, CO2 ablation causes minimal discomfort. Patients may experience some temporary scabbing and swelling but not much pain. We routinely prescribe oral pain medication, but most patients do not need it past the first day. Scabbing and swelling fade quickly and most patients are back to normal within two weeks. We recommend no sexual activity during these two weeks.

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