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As one of the premiere destinations for filler injections, Westside Aesthetics has the experience, knowledge, and technology to help you get great results.

Experts in Injectable Fillers

As you age, your skin loses elasticity. It just can’t snap back into place quite as easily. And as your skin loses elasticity, it can often begin to sag, creating wrinkles and excess skin. In other words, this sagging skin can make you look far older than you feel. Think about a balloon that’s run out of air—that’s basically what happens to your skin as it loses elasticity. That’s why a group of cosmetic surgeons developed what are called injectable fillers, sometimes referred to as injectable volumizers. This includes famous brand names such as Voluma and Juvederm, not to mention Restylane or Radiesse.

Injectable fillers in most cases function just how they sound like they’d work: they fill lost volume. They blow the balloon back up to make the skin look smooth. Some injectable fillers do this using a substance call hyaluronic acid or a formulation of that substance. While it may have a somewhat intimidating name, hyaluronic acid is actually a chemical found within your own body already. Adding hyaluronic acid gets your natural collagen processes jumpstarted, not only providing volume but also helping to generate a collagen lattice to give that volume some structure.

A Variety of Uses

Time has proven that injectable fillers are a versatile group of procedures. Indeed, injectable fillers are a primary component of many of the innovative non-surgical treatments available at Westside Aesthetics today. Fillers that use hyaluronic acid are generally reversible, though those that don’t are not. Some fillers will last roughly six months, while others can last years.

Some fillers are designed for deep tissue while others are best at targeting more shallow areas. The filler that works best for you will depend greatly on your desired results and how long you’d like those results to last.

Injectable Fillers Offered at Westside Aesthetics

Westside Aesthetics is proud to offer the following injectable fillers at our cosmetic surgery clinic:


Once known as “Artefill,” the product now called Bellafill is one of the longest lasting filler injections on the market today, and many of our patients love it for that.

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Perhaps one of the most recognizable injectable fillers, Juvederm is a popular option because it offers natural-looking results and radiant, youthful skin.

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Soft and rigid all at once, Restylane is great for molding lips and smoothing out wrinkles across the face. Restylane can help you look younger and sculpt some of your features.

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With results that last, in some cases, over a year, Radiesse is a popular option not only for traditional wrinkle treatments but also for non-surgical procedures.

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This injectable filler is mostly water, but uses special substances designed to stimulate your body’s collagen production and leave you looking more youthful.

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Patients rave about Voluma. If you want some extra volume in your cheeks, cheekbones, or chin areas, this is the injectable filler for you.

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With injectable fillers, a youthful transformation could be as little as ten minutes away. If you’re interested in scheduling a session, contact us today and get started on your transformation.

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