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We believe in giving patients great results with minimal downtime, so Laser treatments at our clinic have always been a popular option.

Offering Laser Treatments at Westside Aesthetics

The future is here. And just in time. The Los Angeles sun can be pretty brutal. And your skin takes the brunt of that damage. This comes in the form of discoloration, age spots, minor wrinkles and so on. It’s a good thing your skin does this, of course, because it’s protecting you from the elements. And just because your skin takes a beating from the sun and from the weather doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Traditionally, surgery was one of the only ways to rejuvenate your skin—but innovative technology has introduced a wide range of laser devices that can help remove blemishes and even out skin tones—in other words, that can promote youthful looking skin.

Most laser devices work by targeting a particular energy frequency, and causing just enough trauma to your tissues to promote some regeneration. In other words, the lasers more or less trick your skin’s healing powers into working overdrive on otherwise healthy skin.

In conjunction with the work of the laser, it’s almost as if the very outermost layer of your skin is peeled away, revealing a more youthful layer beneath. Laser treatments are, for the most part, low on the discomfort scale, and quick when it comes to recovery.

Laser Treatments from Qualified Individuals

That doesn’t necessarily mean that laser treatments are risk free. Indeed, that’s one reason why Westside Aesthetics is an excellent clinic at which to schedule your own treatment. Our experienced staff is well acquainted with all of the laser systems we use, ensuring optimum results. After you’ve had a laser treatment, you might feel as though you have a slight sunburn—indeed, many patients mention an experience like that. And you may experience peeling skin for a couple of days.

The extent of recovery you’ll need and your exact results will depend on a couple of things. First and foremost, it will depend on the type of laser treatment you’ve selected. It will also depend on the area you’ve selected to have treated.

Laser Treatments Offered at Westside Aesthetics

Westside Aesthetics offers a wide variety of laser treatments, including the following:

Active FX

This laser system is great for smoothing out skin tones and removing blemishes. It’s one of the most advanced laser systems available at Westside Aesthetics.

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Fraxel is another high-tech laser skin treatment. It’s quite popular with our patients because of the way it manages to eliminate unwanted blemishes and even out skin tones. In other words, Fraxel can help make your skin look more youthful.

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Laser procedures are a great way to get the skin you want—whether that’s smooth or even or both. If you’re interested in getting started on your skin transformation, contact us right away to get started.

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