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If you're looking for laser treatment, Westside Aesthetics now offers the brand new, cutting-edge Ellipse Multiflex System to our patients. There are many advantages to this new system, which yields excellent results!

Get Radiant, Youthful Skin

Your skin has a lot to say about you. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, pale skin was considered the most attractive because it indicated that you were wealthy enough to spend the majority of your time indoors. This trend reversed through the twentieth century, where healthy-looking, bronzed skin became a symbol of activity and fitness.

Today, we live in an era in which skin tone and skin radiance can be improved with cosmetic treatments—meaning you have more control than ever over what your skin is saying. However, blemishes, sun spots, or even unwelcome veins and acne can interfere with the message you want to send. The solution is a procedure called Intense Pulsed Light or IPL. With the help of our new Ellipse Multiflex Plus, Westside Aesthetics can offer you a new level of control over what your skin says.

What is the Ellipse Multiflex Plus?

Our new Ellipse Laser is an innovative IPL device and outstanding YAG Laser in one platform. This device can treat many vascular conditions, including veins and sunspots, pigment and rosacea.

IPL and Laser Procedures Performed by the Ellipse Multiflex

The Ellipse Multiflex Plus gives our staff the ability to perform many procedures using the same platform.

Among the treatments that the Ellipse Multiflex Plus can perform are the following:

Laser Hair Removal

With the large applicator footprint the Ellipse brings to the table, even large areas such as legs and the full back can take as little as twenty minutes to treat. Most skin types can be treated quickly, safely, effectively and with minimal pain using the Ellipse system.

Vascular Lesions

The YAG and IPL components of the Ellipse system enable the practitioner to remove many types of vascular lesions, spider veins on the face and legs, facial haemangioma’s—and much more.

Improve skin texture, reduce pore size and fine lines

The Ellipse improves the quality of the skin via gentle collagen stimulation, producing healthier and smoother skin tone and texture.

Pigmented Lesions, sun-damage on the face and body

Photo rejuvenation treatments remove age spots, spider vessels, diffuse redness and uneven pigment. The IPL can treat the face as well as skin throughout the rest of the body.

Acne vulgaris

The Ellipse system helps patients obtain a clearer complexion without the use of antibiotics. This means that patients can have smoother, clearer skin with just a couple of treatments.

Onychomycosis/ Nail Fungus

The Ellipse YAG Laser component can treat nail fungus and help produce a clear nail in 3-4 treatments. It is pain free and effective, addressing finger and toe nail fungus without the use of drugs.

If you are looking to address any of the issues listed above, or if you think you might benefit from an Ellipse Laser treatment, contact Westside Aesthetics to schedule a confidential consultation.

Benefits of the New System

This new laser has unique features, such as Dual Mode Filtering and Square Pulse Technology, which eliminates the need for active cooling and makes IPL treatments significantly more comfortable to the patient.

The Ellipse MultiFlex is a brand new laser and IPL system, and we are happy to bring it to Westside Aesthetics because it offers us several new advantages over previous laser systems with superior results in the following areas:


It used to be that if you wanted to have several different laser procedures performed, a variety of lasers may have to be used to give you optimum results. The variable wavelength and settings on the MultiFlex Plus mean that different type of laser treatments can now be accomplished with one system, often in one session.


The IPL function is very comfortable to patients with no significant downtime, and results in an immediate glow and refreshed skin. When treating spider veins on the face or legs, this YAG laser causes minimal pain due to a short pulse length (a tiny fraction of a second) and a focused stream of cool air that efficiently removes excess heat in the area treated.

End Results

Intense Pulsed Light is an effective, non-invasive way to improve the look of your skin. We are able to help patients achieve smooth, blemish free skin by removing redness, sunspots and pigment.

The Procedure

Your IPL procedure using Ellipse will be performed right here at Westside Aesthetics. Generally, you will first be scheduled for a consultation, where you will discuss with our staff the best way to get your desired results.

Because laser and IPL treatments generally last between 15-30 minutes, the first procedure can be done either on the same day as the consultation, or a subsequent day. It will take several sessions in order to produce optimal results.

During the procedure itself, some patients report a warm sensation, but any Ellipse IPL treatment follows the Westside Aesthetics mission of remaining low on discomfort while generating excellent results.

As our staff performs the procedure, they consistently check on your comfort level and ensure the most optimal results.

Immediately following your laser or IPL treatment, your skin may show mild redness. This is usually no more intense than a mild to moderate sunburn. There may also be some peeling of any pigment that was removed. However, any redness or peeling should subside within 2-5 days.

Recovery and Results

The Ellipse IPL system stimulates the collagen in your skin while simultaneously evening out your skin tone. Once the procedure is complete, most of our patients report looking more youthful and radiant. They have a glow to their skin.

Our patients come from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and all across California and the U.S to see us. To get started on your skin treatment, and have your skin looking its absolute best, contact us at Westside Aesthetics to schedule a confidential consultation.

Today, attractive skin is generally judged much more by smoothness, tone and texture. Thanks to a new skin rejuvenation tool called the Ellipse MultiFlex Plus, Westside Aesthetics can offer you a new level of control over the appearance of your skin.

Ellipse IPL

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