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We offer some insights into what to expect on your first visit to Westside Aesthetics, right here in sunny Los Angeles.

Some Things To Know For Your First Visit To Our Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

If this is your first visit to Westside Aesthetics, we’d like to take this moment to welcome you to our clinic. At Westside Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, warm atmosphere that radiates luxury and comfort.

We hope you’ll notice this and more on your first visit to our clinic — a friendly staff, experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, and an innovative team of cosmetic surgery professionals. But what really matters to us is that you have a great experience here and that you love your results.

The first step of any first visit will be a consultation, either with Dr. Rivkin or with a member of the staff, depending on your preference and on the procedure desired. During this consultation, you will discuss your desired results and the best way to achieve those results.

First Visit | Westside Aesthetics

We believe that our first job during the consultation is to listen. We want to hear what you have to say and we want to make sure that we understand your concerns as fully as possible. The provider you choose will ask you questions designed to help them understand the result that you are looking for. Once your desires are clear, we will make suggestions as to the procedures necessary to achieve those results.

Most of the time we can get everything done non surgically, but if what you are looking for requires a surgical procedure, we can get our board certified facial plastic surgery expert involved in the process. We do not believe in unsolicited aesthetic advice and will suggest other procedures that would be beneficial only if you ask us to do so.

Before Your Appointment

There are some things you can do before your scheduled appointment to speed up the process. Many of our intake forms are available on our website and can be filled out ahead of time. Additionally, If you are interested in an injectable filler procedure or Botox, we generally recommend that you avoid blood thinners such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or fish oil supplements for one week prior to your appointment.

When you call to schedule your appointment, our front desk customer service experts will give you a choice of practitioners with whom to schedule your visit. Dr. Rivkin, Dr. Cohen, Stefanie, Ginille, Natalie, Maryam and Sari are all excellent injectors, but each specialize in a different set of aesthetic procedures. You will get a sense on the phone of who would be the optimal person for your needs. Most of our laser and energy procedures, for example, are performed by our expert Nurse Practitioners and Nurses.

During your call with the front desk, feel free to ask them all of your questions. Our customer service experts are very knowledgeable about our services and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

During Your Appointment

During your consultation, we will identify which procedures would be best to accomplish your aesthetic goals. Some of those procedures could be performed the day of the consultation and some will have to be scheduled. Although most injection procedures like the 5 Minute Nose Job or Botox can be done the same day, you may opt to schedule them later depending on the risk of bruising and your work or social calendar. Most laser or energy procedures like Fraxel and Profound will have to be scheduled. These procedures generally take more time to perform than injections and result in more redness and swelling.

We will take photos as part of your consultation process and use these images to illustrate what we would like to do and the results we aim to obtain. All of the images we take and information we gather are kept in the strictest of privacy. Unless you direct us to do so or give us permission ahead of time, we will never use or release any of your information.

Closing Out Your Appointment

Towards the end of your appointment, our aesthetic experts will create a custom treatment plan just for you. We believe in a holistic approach to maintaining your youthful new look. To that end, we can give you suggestions for injectables, laser and energy treatments as well as the best physician grade skin optimizing topical products available in the world.

This treatment plan will outline all of the procedures we suggest, their cost and the schedule of when they should be performed and at what frequency. Your plan will include what is necessary not only to achieve the results you desire but what you need to do to maintain those fabulous results for a very long time.

It's All About You

Whether it’s your first visit to Westside Aesthetics or your tenth, our goal is to always exceed your expectations. We believe that the only way to make sure that happens is to always listen to you. We give you the information, make suggestions and perform the procedures you select, but you are always in the driver’s seat. We also stand behind all of the procedures we do. If your results are not what you expect, we very much want to hear from you.

Aesthetic treatments are medical procedures, so there will be some individual variatibility in results. The good news is that most everything we do is adjustable and correctable.

Give us a call today and set up your consultation. Let us know how we can help you achieve the look and confidence you desire!

First Visit | Westside Aesthetics

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