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As one of the pioneers of non surgical treatment in Los Angeles, Dr. Alexander Rivkin is very familiar with the history of these procedures--and with their benefits.

Born in Los Angeles: Non Surgical Aesthetic Enhancement

Although the development of effective anesthesia and antibiotics made cosmetic surgery a realistic and popular treatment option for many conditions especially in Los Angeles, most patients have always preferred to avoid surgery if possible. This applies to cosmetic procedures just as it does to other medical treatments.

In an effort to provide non-surgical treatment options to those who seek cosmetic enhancement, injectable fillers were developed. Originally these fillers were made from animal-based substances which caused severe allergic reactions in some patients. Many were poor in consistency causing lumps or other undesirable effects.

In 2003, Restylane and Radiesse became available. Both are free of animal-based substances, and therefore do not cause the allergic reactions of the past, and both remain soft and pliable, but hold their shape well.

Injectable fillers have traditionally been used for lip augmentations and treating folds, hollows, and wrinkles. Dr. Rivkin has taken them into a new realm of cosmetic enhancement. In 2004, Dr. Rivkin invented The Non-Surgical Nose Job™, using fillers to non-invasively correct deformities of the nose.

Rather than open up the nose and cut away at bone and cartilage, Dr. Rivkin achieves the same effect by filling in depressions and creating the proper alignment using the fillers.

The success of the non invasive treatment strategy was quickly obvious, and Dr. Rivkin went on to perfect Non Surgical Chin Enhancement, Non Surgical Cheek Enhancement and the Non Surgical Eye Lift (for dark circles under the eyes).

Taking A Noninvasive Approach

In 2007, Artefill was approved by the FDA. Artefill is the first permanent injectable filler approved for the US market. Some doctors have been using injectable Silicone in the lips and other areas as a permanent filler, but safety concerns have made the use of Silicone rare.

Artefill provides a safe alternative, if used correctly by an experienced injector. Composed of methyl methacrylate (a safe, non reactive plastic that has been in use for many years as a surgical implant) in a bovine collagen carrier, Artefill does require a collagen skin test prior to use.

Dr. Rivkin currently offers Artefill as a permanent version of his non surgical treatments. Careful use of Artefill for The Non-Surgical Nose Job™ has resulted in many people having the permanent effect of surgical rhinoplasty with a five minute injection!

Taking this non-invasive approach a step further by adding BOTOX® to the toolkit, Dr. Rivkin has developed non-surgical alternatives to more extensive treatments.

By relaxing the muscles that crease the skin and pull down on areas of the face, and using fillers to plump depressed areas and create the proper contours, Dr. Rivkin has pioneered treatments such as the Non Surgical Jowl Lift and the Non-Surgical Facelift.

Dr. Rivkin’s patients know that they can get in touch with him at any time. He’s always in the office at Westside Aesthetics, and is personally involved in every treatment.

History of Non Surgical Aesthetic Enhancement in Los Angeles

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