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Get more information about traditional and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures and how we perform them here in Los Angeles.

Innovation in Brentwood, CA: Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Offers a New Option

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. Dr. Rivkin has pioneered many non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery, including the “Non-Surgical Nose Job” and other procedures, in order to provide excellent cosmetic results with the little or no pain and recovery time.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most desired cosmetic procedures, but many patients are frightened by the potential complications and the risk of unfavorable cosmetic results. Dr. Rivkin’s non-surgical rhinoplasty avoids the complications typically associated with traditional rhinoplasty.


Traditional Rhinoplasty

Surgery always carries inherent risks including scarring, infection, and anesthesia complications. Risks specific to rhinoplasty surgery include:

  • Permanent difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Unexpected and unwanted cosmetic result
  • Cartilage collapse or unexpected scarring causing a crooked appearance several years after surgery
  • I.E. Ski-jump nose, too delicately small nose, “Caucasian” looking nose, pinched appearance to nostrils, etc.
  • Persistent Swelling
  • Recurrent nose bleeds
  • Persistent Numbness

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty avoids the risks of surgery and has no effect on nasal breathing since it involves only injection into the skin. The procedure is much more precise than surgical rhinoplasty, so more detailed adjustments to nasal contour are possible.

During the procedure, you are fully awake. You hold a mirror and you are in complete control of the procedure’s results. The Non-Surgical Nose Job™ procedure does not cause nosebleeds or persistent swelling. The procedure is temporary and there are no long term scarring complications.


Traditional Rhinoplasty

Basic recovery from traditional rhinoplasty typically lasts about two weeks, normal activities can be resumed after several weeks, and the final results can take up to a year to appear. For the first week after rhinoplasty surgery, a splint is worn on the outside of the nose. Severe nasal congestion typically lasts about one week to ten days.

Bruising around the eyes and the majority of swelling typically resolves in about two weeks. For six to seven weeks, eyeglasses, must be secured in a manner that prevents them from resting on the nose. Strong pain medication and cool compresses are typically required during recovery.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Most patients return to work on the same day as the procedure. The results are immediate. There is no significant swelling or pain. Dr. Rivkin does recommend that sunglasses or heavy eyeglasses be avoided for two weeks after the procedure, as the filler material becomes integrated into the skin of the nose.

Cosmetic Results

Traditional Rhinoplasty

The results of traditional rhinoplasty are frequently good, but, whether good or bad, they are always permanent. Surgical rhinoplasty can result in over or under-correction, with potentially poor cosmetic outcomes.

It can take a year for the final results to be visible. In the meantime, the look of your nose may not be desirable and the end result can be hard to predict.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

The injectable filler used in non-surgical rhinoplasty is injected in small amounts and in precise locations so that there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure. During the procedure you will be asked to look at your nose and provide feedback, meaning that you have total control over the end result.

The results are immediate and last from eight months to two years, depending on the type of filler that is used. Because the results are relatively temporary, adjustments can be made as your face changes over time and you always retain a natural look.

Non-Surgical Facelift Offers More Natural- Looking Result

Non-surgical procedures offer far subtler and more natural-looking enhancements to the face, filling in deep lines and wrinkles or adjusting contours of the face without the risk of disfigurement.

Injectables allow for specific treatment of trouble spots thereby restoring or enhancing your natural beauty rather than completely altering it with surgery. In addition, because patients are awake during the treatment, they are able to communicate with Dr. Rivkin and exercise control over their final results.

Traditional surgical facelifts oftentimes result in telltale stretched-looking skin, leading to a look of permanent surprise or a completely difference appearance altogether. Results are very difficult to predict and because patients are under general anesthesia, they have no control over the final results of the procedure.

Dr. Rivkin’s patients know that they can get in touch with him at any time. He’s always in the office at Westside Aesthetics, and is personally involved in every treatment.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty vs Traditional Rhinoplasty

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