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As the first physician in the United States to offer Non Surgical Rhinopalsty, Dr. Rivkin sees patients every day in his Los Angeles office who want to change the contours of their nose. Some want to camouflage a bump they were born with or acquired as a result of a nasal fracture. Some want to raise the bridge of their nose and give it better definition, thereby balancing out their tip and making it look less rounded and pronounced. Frequently these patients complain that their bridge is so low that their sunglasses rest on their cheeks instead of their nose. Some patients want to correct the bumps and asymmetries that occurred after they underwent one or more surgical rhinoplasty procedures. They come to see Dr. Rivkin to find out about their non surgical rhinoplasty options. Even though there is plenty of plastic surgery that happens in Los Angeles on a daily basis, not everyone here relishes the thought of going under the knife. Many want to avoid the pain, swelling, risk and expense of surgical rhinoplasty. Patients who have already undergone several surgeries are especially reticent of going through the process yet another time.

Patients are also attracted to the precision of the procedure. Dr. Rivkin is able to address the specific irregularities or asymmetries that are concerning the patient and nothing else. There is no need to break bones or reshape the entire nose.

If the nose looks like it is bending to one side because the tip is asymmetric, he can add to the less full side of the tip and straighten the nose.

If 10 years after a surgical rhinoplasty to reduce a bump, there is collapse of the dorsal cartilage and the nose takes on a scooped appearance, Dr. Rivkin can lift the skin of the dorsum (i.e. bridge) of the nose and recreate a nasal bridge that runs in a straight line.

If a patient has a small bump on the bridge of her nose, he can raise the skin above and below the bump and camouflage it to the point where it is invisible.

Patients are awake for the Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure and aware of exactly what is going on. The only anesthesia we use is a strong topical cream. Frequently, the patient is holding a mirror and Dr Rivkin will pause midway through the procedure to get feedback on how things are going. With the way Non Surgical Rhinoplasty is performed by Dr. Rivkin in his Los Angeles office, the patient is always in control.

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