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The nose is the focal point of your face, the central feature that is always on display. A beautiful, balanced nose can enhance your appearance and complement your other facial features, including your cheeks, chin, lips and eyes. When your nose is out of balance because it appears too large or the bridge is too low or it is droopy or bumpy or crooked or twisted, it can detract from your overall look. In Los Angeles, rhinoplasty surgery can cost from $6,000 to $30,000. If your nose has been operated on before, a corrective procedure will likely cost from $15,000 and up.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin offers an alternative to invasive rhinoplasty surgery with his signature Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty or 15 Minute Nose Job. In Los Angeles, people want a natural, beautiful nose that suits their facial features, and with this method, that can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of rhinoplasty surgery. Even a subtle change can make a huge improvement, when performed by a specialist in non-surgical rhinoplasty. A large portion of Dr. Rivkin’s practice at Westside Aesthetics in Los Angeles is devoted to perfecting the non-surgical nose job technique.

Rhinoplasty is one of the top three most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in the US among women as well as men. Dr. Rivkin has performed several thousand non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures in Los Angeles with excellent results. Since nasal anatomy differs from person to person, each procedure is individualized. Dr. Rivkin understands the aesthetics of nasal surgery and has built his reputation on achieving natural looking results without surgery for his patients in Los Angeles. The choice of injectable fillers used for your non-surgical rhinoplasty shall be discussed with Dr. Rivkin at your consultation. Dr. Rivkin frequently uses Restylane, Radiesse and Artefill to achieve the best outcomes.

As a leading expert in non-invasive techniques for rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rivkin has gained great insights into the reasons people seek a rhinoplasty or nose job. The cost of rhinoplasty is often a deciding factor as to whether to go ahead. Dr. Rivkin offers both women and men a safe and effective alternative to expensive rhinoplasty surgery at a fraction of the usual cost in Los Angeles.

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