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swelling after juvederm

Hi Dr. Rivkin,
I had Juvederm put in my lips and a scar on my left cheek (and forehead) on Friday around noon. I am experiencing some facial swelling on most of my face below my eyes. The swelling on my lips seems to pretty much be gone, however, the rest of my face looks fat. I understand the swelling where my scar was injected, but the rest I don’t understand. Do you think this swelling is a side effect of the dental block? My mouth is also tender in the four corners deep inside where the block was injected and when I smile I feel like I have cotton balls in the top corners of my mouth like next to the nostrils. It’s been about 56 hours since the block and Juve and I’ve applied lots of ice and it doesn’t seem to be going down. Any insight/advice? Will this go away?
Thank you in advance!

P.S. I also had Juve put into a small scar on my forehead and there isn’t an ounce of swelling there, so I have doubts about it being the Juvederm.

yes, i definitely think that this is a consequence of the dental block, not the juvederm.
i have seen this too many times. it is not anyone’s fault – you just have a sensitivity to lidocaine and you should not get it again. there’s plenty of other injectable numbing agents, so that’s not a big deal.
the swelling will go away. i like to give people a 5 day course of steroids called a medrol dose pack. it will make the swelling go away very quickly. otherwise it can stick around for a few days to a week.
hope that helps

2 Responses to “swelling after juvederm”

  1. bb says:

    i have had eye bags after having juvederm injected approx 9 -10 months ago.i’m now going back to get the vitrace to remeve it.what area should he inject it in and how much.nobody in the tampa area seems to know?

  2. Dr. Rivkin says:

    i inject small quantities of hyaluronidase at a concentration of 150 u / ml.
    0.1 to 0.2 cc per side should be plenty to reduce the swelling

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