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Laser Hair Removal

Do you suffer from unwanted hair and look for a permanent solution that will leave your skin smooth and hairless? The Soprano Diode Laser is currently the most effective face and body hair removal system on the market. Offered at Westside Aesthetics, the Soprano is unique in that it is the only laser hair removal system available today that is practically painless. Gone are the days of tedious, painful, protracted and very temporary methods of hair removal. The Soprano 810 Diode laser is widely acknowledged as the best in its class and we are proud to offer it to our Los Angeles patients.

Unlike its counterparts, the Soprano uses state-of-the-art laser technology to heat hair cells gradually, rather than using the pulse method. This is known as ‘in motion technology.’ Controlled by our certified laser nurse specialists, the laser head moves steadily back and forth across the skin. As this happens, intense laser light energy is sent through the top layers of the skin, targeting and heating the hair cells. The Soprano Diode Laser does not affect surrounding lighter tissue, only targeting the darker hair cells and thus leaving skin cells unharmed. This is an effective and painless process, although a sensation most comparable with a mild hot stone massage is expected as the heat is applied and the follicles shrink.

As hair grows in cycles, multiple sessions are required to achieve permanent results. The average client is advised to book between four and six sessions for optimal results. Hairs must be in the growing phase to be treated effectively, and as the treatments progress, the number of hair follicles will diminish. Should you find that some new hair follicles activated in the period following your treatment, a simple touch up will complete the process.

Treatment can now be safely carried out on all skin types, although darker skin may require an extra few treatments. As the Soprano Diode laser is designed to target darker tissue, darker skin will absorb more energy. Accordingly, less energy is used when treating people with darker skin to prevent skin damage. The industry gold standard 810 diode laser is undoubtedly the best choice for dark skin types in laser hair removal.

Side effects to the treatment are uncommon and transitory, even for those with sensitive skin. The Soprano laser is the most advanced technology on the market and holds the least risk of burning and blistering. Both light brown and red hair can effectively be treated; unfortunately there is currently no technology available which will effectively remove gray or light blonde hair.

Due to the nature of the system, the number of treatments required will largely depend on your ethnicity and skin color. To find an estimate of how many treatment sessions you will need, head to Westside Aesthetics’ Los Angeles office and experience the life changing Soprano Diode Laser for yourself. Click here to view before and after photos of laser hair removal patients.

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