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V-Beam Laser

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Clear, glowing facial skin is a sign of health and youth. Over time, however, skin that was once clear can develop red discoloration and visible capillaries. Genetic propensity can combine with sun damage, smoking damage, acne scarring, pregnancy and many other factors to give your skin a prematurely aged appearance.

While hundreds of creams and facial products line the shelves, promising to reverse the effects of aging and renew your skin, few offer substantial or lasting benefits. That’s why the search for clear, beautiful skin leads many people with redness and broken capillaries to the V-beam 595 laser.

The V-beam 595 pulsed dye laser is the gold standard for the treatment of vascular lesions, including any of the following common skin conditions:

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  • Broken capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Red acne scars
  • Surgical or burn scars
  • Angiomas
  • Port wine birth marks

How it Works

The V-beam works by delivering an intense but gentle burst of light energy onto a selected area of the skin. The light is then absorbed by the blood vessels or pigmented cells being targeted. No anesthetic is required for the procedure. The epidermis is protected by DCD, an exclusive method that delivers a blast of cooling mist to the treatment area a fraction of a second prior to each light energy pulse.

No significant down time is required after undergoing V-beam treatment. Most patients can immediately resume their daily activities, making the procedure convenient for moms, professionals, and other people with busy schedules who don’t have the recovery downtime required for other skin laser treatments.

V-beam is safe for virtually all skin types and on patients of all ages. From dark brown shades to olive to ivory white, and from babies to the elderly, V-beam treatments have proven to generate benefits for people with a variety of skin problems. But although the treatment can be administered for any skin type, Dr. Rivkin and his team will tailor the procedure to your needs, depending on your age, skin color and type, as well as the condition and location being treated.

Results may be visible as early as after your first treatment, though they will ultimately depend on each patient’s skin. For those with deeper or more severe vascular lesions, two to five treatment sessions may be required before you see significant results. During your complimentary consultation at our office, Dr. Rivkin or his nurses will discuss the length and frequency of each treatment according to your specific needs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, so that you know exactly what to expect during and after the procedure. Patients are also provided with complete post-procedural care instructions to help maintain the results of your V-beam treatment.

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