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Dr. Rivkin on The Tyra Banks Show


Transcript of Dr. Rivkin on the Tyra Banks Show

Tyra Banks: What about you? I know you got a flaw.

Krista: I cannot stand my nose. I have a bump in my nose and I think it’s the ugliest thing ever and looks like something got stuck in here.

Tyra: The ugliest thing?

Krista: Yeah.

Tyra: Come on down here, I want you to talk to me.

Tyra: So, you have a bump in your nose that most of us can hardly see.

Krista: That is what people say.

Tyra: It’s a very tiny bump. So how this bump is affecting your life?

Krista: It affects a lot of the things that I do. I cannot stand to look in the mirror because it is the first thing that I see. When I am talking to the people I think that they are always staring at the bump.

Tyra: So do you live your life in different ways because of your nose, like in other things that you do?

Krista: Yeah, like when I take pictures, I kind of position myself so that it won’t show off.

Tyra: How you do that?

Krista: Pretend that there is a still camera, I have got a snapshot camera.

Tyra: What do you do to change it?

Krista: I try to take picture straight on and not from the sides or I might turn this way a little bit, because it does not look so bad.

Tyra: But never profile.

Krista: No, never profile.

Tyra: Do you have a boyfriend?

Krista: Yes, I do.

Tyra: And what does he think about your nose?

Krista: He thinks that I am fine the way that I am and he thinks I am tripping but he knows that it really bothers me.

Tyra: Yeah, other things that you do, do you do the pose with him like, hi baby! I am never going to go to the side with you.

Krista: Actually, we don’t take pictures because of it and when we sit next to each other I sit on his left side so that it is not as noticeable.

Tyra: Okay, so let me try that right now. So, you sit on his left, which would be how you are now.

Krista: Right.

Tyra: Look on that side, let me see.

Tyra: I don’t want to see what your man has seen.

Tyra: She does not know what she is talking about.

Tyra: I don’t know what you are talking about.

Tyra: I don’t see a difference.

Tyra: But because you have lived with your nose your entire life, you see something that I don’t see. Have you ever thought about surgery?

Krista: I thought about it, but I haven’t thought too seriously about it, but I do want something done with it.

Tyra: You want something done?

Krista: Yeah.

Tyra: Well, I have a plastic surgeon, but he does noninvasive plastic surgery and he just came here to hangout and I think we have found somebody for you. I think we have Dr. Rivkin.

Tyra: Dr. Rivkin, come on up.

Tyra: Dr. Rivkin, you have this thing called ten-minute nose job.?

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: Yeah, it’s kind of like taking your nose out for a test drive. It’s a way of making straight nose without surgery without any kind of invasive procedures.

Tyra: What do you put in there?

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: What I put, it’s a filler called Radiesse. It’s what is used now instead of collagen (because) it lasts longer.

Tyra: How long does it last?

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: About 2 or 3 years.

Tyra: So, you will have to get your nose job every 2-3 years? Yeah, its partly better than hardcore broken nose surgery.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: Yeah.

Tyra: You know what, we have a little mini hospital in the back for you.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: Well, sounds good.

Tyra: Well, why don’t you go on the back stage and we will check in with you later and see.

Tyra: Are you interested in that?

Yeah, I am very interested.

Tyra: Oh gosh, you are!, ok then go on.

I am nervous.

Tyra: I am sure it’s going to be good.

Today, we are facing our flaws straight on and we are either fixing them or flaunting them. Dr. Rivkin is giving her a ten-minute non-surgical nose job and I know you guys want to see that. A nose job in ten minutes, wait I am going to show you in about a minute.

Today, we are all about fixing or flaunting our flaws. Earlier, we met Christa, who was begging and pleading us to help her fix the bump in her nose and this is Dr. Rivkin.

Tyra: Dr. Rivkin specializes in noninvasive plastic surgery, and during the show he took us to backstage and gave her the procedure.

Tyra: So are you happy with the result?

I am very happy with the result. She is a great candidate and everything went great actually.

Tyra: Wow!

Tyra: So, I want to see what Christa’s nose looks like. You guys want to see the ten-minute nose job?

I want to see it.

Tyra: Alright, here this is before, that little mini bump that she is tripping about, but we do see there is a bump, there definitely is a bump.

Tyra: Alright, so come on out Christa.

Tyra: Wow! Oh my goodness, look at you.

Tyra: It’s amazing.

Tyra: Have you seen yourself yet?


Tyra: You have not seen yourself yet, I thought she was walking out like what do I look like?, I don’t know what I look like.

Tyra: It’s amazing!

Tyra: She said her boyfriend can’t sit on the left side of her.

Tyra: So could you sit where I was sitting now.?

Yeah, I think I can do that.

Tyra: And you can take pictures like this, and like this


Tyra: So, it really is like magic, I mean she is not bruised up, banded up, or in bed. What did you do? Are they like needles?

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: Yeah, there are needles, I have to tell you, but it’s easy, it is an injection that is similar to the kind that you do to fill up wrinkles, you know, it’s noninvasive facial sculpting, you just have to look at the face like a sculpture.

Tyra: And it’s not going be like this (twisted).

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: No chance!

Tyra: It’s not going to be moving around.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: That’s the way it is and it is good for three years and that’s you know an easy procedure.

Tyra: Thank you Dr. Rivkin, I think it’s an amazing way of showing that you don’t have to cut yourself open, no bruising.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin: Too many people are getting surgery you know.

Tyra: Yeah, so many people cut themselves open and now all they need is Dr. Rivkin do a little job in ten minutes.

Tyra: We will be right back

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