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This 20 year old woman from the Los Angeles area suffered from cystic acne in her youth. After she successfully cleared up the acne break outs she was left with scarring primarily on her cheeks. The scarring was both evident in the texture of her skin as well as the tone. As you can see with this patient she had hyperpigmentation, redness as well as pitted scarring. She wanted a treatment which would finally give her a beautiful, healthy, even toned complexion. The Active FX CO2 laser is the most effective method to remove acne scars. The laser affects only 15% to 20% of the skin at a time, which allows for faster healing. Evident in her before and after photos the result is a smoothing out of the pitted texture of her skin, as well as evening out her complexion. This patient was left with the beautiful glowing skin she had always wanted.

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