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This middle aged female patient had deep scarring as a result of cystic acne. She had lived with these scars for years and was not confident with the way her skin looked. It was the right time for her to make a change to her skin and finally feel confident and beautiful on the outside. After researching different options to treat acne scars she decided Fraxel was the best option for her. She wanted a resurfacing laser treatment, but couldn’t manage the downtime involved with the CO2 laser. There’s only about a week of downtime after each Fraxel treatment. Her post treatment photo was taken after 5 sessions focusing on her cheeks and temples. There is a dramatic improvement in the texture of her skin, and the depth of the scars. Fraxel also stimulates collagen production, and as you can see her cheeks appear lifted and tighter as well.

Fraxel Before and After | Westside Medical Spa

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