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This female patient in her 40’s had suffered for many years from TMJ. She was grinding her teeth at night, which caused tightness and pain in her jaw. This pain also radiated to her neck creating tension and triggering headaches. Not only did the grinding affect her physically but also aesthetically. She noticed her jaw was looking bigger but she didn’t quite connect the grinding to her jaw widening. People who suffer from TMJ often times have widening of the jaw, as the muscles in the jaw become stronger from clenching and grinding they make the lower part of the face look wider. She had tried night guards, which were helping to protect her teeth but she was still experiencing the tension in her jaw from clenching. After several sessions of Botox injections she noticed a dramatic improvement in the appearance of her jaw, the Botox relaxes and shrinks the muscle resulting in a slimming of the jaw. She was also no longer grinding or clenching, and she was relieved of the tension and headaches associated with TMJ. This treatment is proven to work and is truly life changing!

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