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This young woman from Los Angeles came to Dr. Rivkin desperately looking for a treatment to relieve the pain she was experiencing from TMJ. She was suffering from tension headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain. Not only does clenching or grinding your teeth cause headaches, facial and sometimes neck pain, but it affects your teeth by gradually wearing them down and can eventually cause them to chip or break. Another side effect of Bruxism is widening of the jaw. This is because the continual flexing of the masseter muscle will cause the muscle to grow. As the muscle grows it will eventually widen the jaw as you can see in this patient’s “before” photo. After several sessions of Botox with Dr. Rivkin this patient was thrilled to be relieved of the pain from TMJ. She wasn’t grinding her teeth anymore and was no longer experiencing the aching jaw or headaches she was having before she started treatment. The Botox injections had also made her jaw much slimmer, which was an added bonus for her.

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