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A highly qualified laser specialist, Donna has earned a variety of certificates in the latest technologies. She'll help you get the smoother, younger-looking skin you desire.

A Laser Specialist

Donna is a laser specialist with extensive expertise in both hair removal and in skin rejuvenation. Her medical career began 20 years ago in New York City where she earned her Nursing degree and worked in a Manhattan dermatology practice.

When she moved to California she began work in the aesthetic industry when laser hair removal was a new procedure. Donna quickly built a thriving practice with clients from diverse ethnic backgrounds who found her personal attention and customized treatment plans life changing. “It was amazing how each person’s self confidence seemed to grow with each treatment… and what a freedom he or she experienced! That’s why I have stayed in this field for so long- it’s so rewarding.”

Over the years, as the technology continues to advance, she helps each client achieve optimum results with most any skin type, budget or time frame.

Donna continued her training by adding lasers for skin rejuvenation and vein removal to her skill set. She has earned certifications with Lumenis®, Candela®, Alma®, Thermage® and Fraxel® and is equipped to use a wide variety of treatments to remove age spots, fine lines, scars or birthmarks. She helps clients feel and look years younger by repairing skin that has been damaged by the sun or using lasers to tighten skin that loses its elasticity and tone.

A Holistic Approach

Donna describes her approach as holistic with a deep commitment to spiritual and mental well being -the foundation to real beauty. She creates a special environment for clients with peaceful music and space to let go and nourish the soul. On many occasions her clients report that “It’s not just the treatment and her highly skilled work that you appreciate- it’s that you feel like you’ve been with a friend!”

Donna has been a member of Dr. Rivkin’s team since 2007. She lives in the Hollywood Hills, loves to cook nutritious meals and stays fit through daily cardio and strength training.

Donna Mcghaney

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