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Ginille Brown is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a specialty focus in aesthetic injection and laser treatments.

Ginille obtained her undergraduate education at Stanford University and completed her Bachelors and Masters in Nursing at Duke University School of Nursing. Since entering the aesthetic medicine industry in 2013, she has honed her artistic skills by continuously learning new assessment and delivery techniques and approaches.

She has a passion for working with her patients to achieve results that not only meet, but exceed their expectations. She works with each patient to establish comprehensive, individualized aesthetic goals to ensure natural and beautiful outcomes. From utilizing injectables to restore facial volume and minimize wrinkles, to employing various laser modalities to enhance skin vitality, Ginille has a broad knowledge base of the full spectrum of products to serve diverse patient needs and desires.

Her patients are thrilled that she has the skill to make them look younger and more attractive without their friends being able to put their finger on what has been done.

When asked what she loves most about what she does, she reports, “the connections that I make and maintain with my patients during their aesthetic journey brings me the most joy. Helping the patients look and feel like the best version of themselves continuously gives my work purpose and value.”

In her spare time, Ginille enjoys attending advanced aesthetic trainings, spending time with her husband and son, and exercising.

Ginille Brown

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