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Rena is a new and welcome addition to Westside Aesthetics, where she works to coordinate our clinical trials. She has an inquiring scientific mind and an endearing personality.

Coordinating Research

One of the newest members of our team, Rena is in charge of our clinical research division. As our clinical research coordinator, she focuses on procuring the most innovative trials, researching the latest advancements in the field of aesthetics. Anyone who participates in a clinical trial will have the pleasure of getting to know Rena’s warmth, professionalism, fabulous sense of humor and attention to detail.

Rena comes to Westside Aesthetics with a degree in Biology from UCLA and an extensive background in clinical research in the fields of psychiatry and oncology. She is very excited to work alongside Dr. Alexander Rivkin and build the clinical research division.

With her scientific curiosity and devotion for medical research as well as progressive treatment, she is the perfect fit for our team. “I am passionate about conducting research in an ethical, safe and compliant manner. I love to make people smile and I truly believe in Dr’ Rivkin’s vision!”

Rena is originally from the Bay Area in Northern California. She moved to Los Angeles to attend college at UCLA. She is a huge sci-fi buff, loves anything Star Wars and plays a mean game of badminton.

Rena Emond

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