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Westside Aesthetics offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures in Los Angeles, from Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty to Laser Procedures to Spa Services.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures In Los Angeles

Our minds and bodies don’t always age at the same rate. Sometimes it can feel as though your mind, your personality, is still 26, but your body somehow got to 37 without you. Cosmetic surgery procedures are designed to bring your body and mind into alignment. We can’t turn back the clock on aging, but we can use cosmetic procedures to give you a more radiant, more vibrant, more youthful look.

At Westside Aesthetics, we don’t think it’s enough to make you look more youthful. Instead, we work hard to give you great results with only minimal pain or recovery, using innovative techniques and cutting edge technology. And we can do most of these procedures without the need for the significant pain or recovery that accompany traditional surgical methods. Through the use of dermal fillers, for example, we’re able to give our patients non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures in Los Angeles—letting patients shape their noses in a way analogous to traditional rhinoplasty procedures but without the pain of recovery.

Non-Surgical Innovators And More

Among the most popular trends sweeping cosmetic surgery today is the non-surgical cosmetic procedure: using dermal fillers such as Bellafill, Juvederm, or Restylane to create temporary aesthetic changes to the face. Dr. Alexander Rivkin was on the cutting edge of this innovating trend, working to develop the non-surgical nose job™ (non-surgical rhinoplasty, in medical jargon). During a non-surgical nose job™ procedure, Dr. Rivkin injects a dermal filler (which can change depending on the desired results), and shapes the added volume in the nose to create a more pleasing overall profile.

The procedure is quick, mostly free of discomfort, and free of painful recovery.

But that’s not the only procedure we offer here at Westside Aesthetics. In fact, our team is on the cutting edge when it comes to many different procedures and rejuvenation services, including Botox and Laser Treatments. In order to provide the best information in an orderly way, we have organized our procedures into a few different categories.


All procedures involving Botox injections can be found in this category. This includes Botox designed to eliminate wrinkles and Botox injections that are targeted to help with Migraines or TMJ.

Injectable Fillers

This section includes procedures such as Juvederm and Restylane. Injectable fillers are designed to augment volume in the face and make you look more youthful and more radiant.

Laser Treatments

One of the bigger trends in cosmetic surgery lately has been the introduction of various laser treatments. These treatments are designed to help smooth out skin blemishes or diminish acne appearance. There’s often a “sunburn” feeling after the procedure, but that feeling doesn’t last long. The results, on the other hand, can last for a while.

Non-Surgical Procedures

These procedures provide an alternative to what are traditionally surgical procedures, such as rhinoplasty or facelift procedures. The non-surgical treatments have the added benefit of being incredibly low on discomfort, accomplished quickly (sometimes in as few as thirty minutes) and there’s no need for a painful or lengthy recovery. This means you get to enjoy your results almost immediately.

Skin Treatments

Our skin takes a pounding as we age. Skin treatments are designed to rejuvenate and replenish your skin, removing blemishes and acne while they’re at it.

Body Treatments

There are ways of shaping your body without the need for surgery. We call these body treatments, and they’re available at Westside Aesthetics.

Spa Treatments

Sometimes you just want to relax and replenish your energies. That’s what our great spa treatments are for.

The Westside Aesthetics Difference

At Westside Aesthetics, we believe in transformation and rejuvenation. Every aspect of our practice is designed to offer a relaxed atmosphere and put you at ease. Our staff is highly trained and Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen are involved in every treatment. In other words, you’re going to get world class treatment at Westside Aesthetics—you’ll look more youthful and feel rejuvenated.

That’s what we aim for always at Westside Aesthetics. If you’re interested in getting started on your own transformation, contact Westside Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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