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Westside Aesthetics knows how important your body is to you. We offer a wide variety of body treatments in Los Angeles that focus on helping you look more youthful and fit.

We Bring Cosmetic Body Procedures To Los Angeles, CA

We all want to look great, but many surgical body procedures can be quite intimidating. Traditional surgeries such as tummy tucks or liposuction require sedation, recovery, and, typically, much pain and discomfort. Because of this, there are many patients interested in taking a little bit off their waist who go without these cosmetic procedures because the surgical methods are just too intimidating. Westside Aesthetics offers an alternative for these patients in the form of body procedures from Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons Dr. Alexander Rivkin and Dr. Robert Cohen.

This is a shame, because while the face is certainly key to one’s identity, so too is the body. The shape and proportions of the body can do a lot to make people feel great about themselves or encounter some discomfort. Indeed, patients who are looking for body treatments have often tried everything from a strictly controlled diet to a severe exercise regimen in order to eliminate discreet pockets of fat. But the simple fact of the matter is that some fat deposits are immune to both diet and exercise.

The body procedures offered at Westside Aesthetics place an emphasis on minimal discomfort and optimum results. To be sure, most of our body procedures will not deliver as dramatic a transformation as traditional surgical methods. But for most of our patients, not only is that okay, that’s actually preferable.

Non surgical body contouring in Los Angeles is so popular because it offers cosmetic surgeons more control and the ability to deliver subtle results. Let’s put it this way: with body contouring procedures, you get the small changes you want, but nobody will have any clue you’ve had work done. Instead, they’ll just think you’ve lost a little bit or weight or look a little more fit.

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Because we have a wonderful, highly trained staff, and because Dr. Rivkin and Dr. Cohen are involved in every treatment, we see great results at Westside Aesthetics.

So if you’re interested in getting rid of some fat today (and who isn’t), contact us now to get started on your own transformation!

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