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Westside Aesthetics is proud to be the first medical practice to offer the innovative new filler, Allofill, to our patients. This remarkable product stimulates fat cell growth and new fat cell migration into an area of fat loss due to aging, genetics or other factors.

Dr. Cohen was the first doctor in the world to inject Allofill into the human face to treat volume deficiency. Volume loss due to aging is very common in different areas of the face and body. As one gets older, volume loss in the face is caused by loss of bone mass, muscle mass, thinning skin and loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue aka fat. One of the areas that is affected most by this tissue loss is our temples. The affected temples will hollow, making the face look more gaunt as the orbital rims appear more pronounced and the cheek bones appear more severe.

Allofill is an acellular collagen matrix impregnated with growth factors, which is made from natural fat tissue. This matrix has been sterilized and all fat cells have been removed.

When injected, it stimulates both fat cell growth and fat cell migration to the matrix over time. This will fill out the temples, creating a softer, more youthful appearance. In contrast to surgical fat transfer, which can be painful, costly and have a long recovery time, this minimally invasive alternative has no recovery time and any minimal swelling or bruising will usually resolve within a week . Initial improvement will be visible immediately and improvement will continue over the next three months. A follow-up visit will determine if touch-ups are necessary. Studies have shown that Allofill lasts several years in the body.

We are currently evaluating the use of this product in areas of the body aside from the temples

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