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Cool Laser

Some of the most frequent consultations that Dr. Rivkin and his staff do at Westside Aesthetics involve skin texture and quality. As an internationally respected cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rivkin is often called on to improve the appearance of acne scars, pigmentation and fine lines. Patients ask him to shrink their pores and improve their skin laxity. Making these kinds of transformative changes often involves the use of our specialized laser technology. Our fractionated lasers, otherwise known as Cool Laser technology, include the Fraxel laser and the Active FX and Total FX CO2 laser. Dr. Rivkin has been using Cool Laser in Los Angeles for more than ten years, the technology providing great results.

These Cool Lasers are industry leaders in cosmetic laser technology. They are FDA approved and specifically designed to achieve the maximal results with a minimum of downtime, swelling and redness. Cool Laser technology is a breakthrough because it uses thousands of small beams to stimulate the repair process of the skin, triggering extensive growth of intradermal collagen. Collagen growth smooths fine lines, shrinks enlarged pores and improves the appearance of acne scars.

Traditional cosmetic laser procedures involved anesthesia and a long recovery period with weeks of extensive swelling, redness, peeling and pain. It was such a difficult procedure because these lasers would destroy a whole layer of skin. The new skin that grew would be smoother than the old, but the price in time away from work and family was difficult for many people to bear. Cool Laser technology has significantly reduced the downtime for these procedures without compromising their efficacy. This reduced downtime is particularly useful for Beverly Hills Coolaser patients, many of who lead busy lives and appreciate fast results with little downtime.

So how does Cool Laser work? Instead of destroying a whole layer of skin, Cool Laser sends thousands of tiny beams through the skin, like needles, heating the tissue underneath, but leaving the tissue next to the beams untouched. This neighboring healthy tissue helps the area heal quickly, minimizing discomfort and swelling. Cool Laser procedures do not require anesthesia. We manage the minimal discomfort involved by cooling the skin prior to treatment, as well as with oral drugs such as Vicodin and Xanax and excellent topical anesthetic cream.

Cool Laser Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cool Laser?

Cool Laser is another term for a fractionated laser, i.e. a laser that improves the skin over several sessions without causing extreme swelling, redness or pain. Examples of Cool Laser technology are the Fraxel laser and the Active FX/Total FX CO2 laser. Fractional lasers split up the laser beam into many tiny beams so that the laser leaves islands of healthy skin that facilitate quick recovery.

Is Cool Laser a unique device only available in one clinic?

No, Cool Laser is just a term for a class of lasers. The technology is offered by a number of qualified and professional clinics all over the world. The Fraxel and Active FX laser systems have been available for many years and have been scientifically shown to safe and effective in numerous peer reviewed studies.

Where should I go to get Cool Laser?

You should choose a clinic with a qualified, experienced and reputable physician who specializes exclusively in cosmetic procedures. An office that does aesthetic procedures only part time will not have the kind of experience to ensure the optimal safety and efficacy for you. Ask about how many laser procedures the clinic does in a week. Ask to see before and after pictures of their patients. Do a consultation and pay attention to the atmosphere and attitude of the physician and the office staff.

  • Is the facility clean and up to date?
  • Do the staff members look pretty and natural or over-injected and “plastic?”
  • Are the staff members knowledgeable about the procedures and will they be able to provide you with answers to any questions you may have after your procedures?
  • Does the doctor or nurse take the time to assess your individual skin issues?
  • Does the doctor or nurse listen patiently and demonstrate a thorough understanding of your concerns?
  • Does the doctor or nurse give you a choice of treatments corresponding to your personal and financial preferences?

Is Cool Laser a substitute for plastic surgery?

Certainly not. Cool Laser treatments are designed to do very specific things – decrease pore size, smooth the skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and areas of hyperpigmentation. Cool Laser treatment may result in mild skin tightening due to the collagen stimulation, but the Ultherapy procedure works better to address skin laxity. Of course, neither one is a substitute for a facelift and Dr. Rivkin will often refer his patients to a skilled and trusted colleague for facelift surgery if, during the consultation, it is obvious that only surgery can accomplish the patient’s cosmetic goals.

What can I expect during my treatment?

If, after your complimentary consultation, Dr. Rivkin or his nurses determine that a Cool Laser treatment is right for you, we will schedule the procedure for a date that is convenient for you. At the end of your consultation we will recommend a specialized set of topical products that we will ask you to use for one to two weeks before the procedure. These products prepare and strengthen your skin for your Cool Laser procedure, significantly minimizing the post procedure downtime and swelling. Depending on your medical history, Dr. Rivkin may prescribe you some medications to take just before your treatment. When you come in, we will give you oral medication to help with discomfort and apply topical numbing cream. During the Cool Laser procedure we will use cold air on the skin to keep you comfortable. After the procedure you will continue on a specific program of topical treatments and oral medications that will make your recovery as speedy as possible.

What is the difference between Cool Laser and a chemical peel?

Cool Laser treatments work differently from chemical peels in that only portions of the skin are disrupted during the procedure. A chemical peel affects all of the skin down to a certain depth. Because it affects all of the skin, the effect of the peel cannot be very deep or the skin will be permanently damaged. Because it leaves parts of the skin undamaged, Cool Laser can penetrate deeper and therefore have a more dramatic effect on skin quality and texture than most chemical peels. Dr. Rivkin uses chemical peels most often for his darker skinned patients who are concerned more with areas of skin pigmentation than with acne scars or skin texture.

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