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Makeup That Stands the Heat in Los Angeles: SofTap Permanent Makeup

We are pleased to announce SofTap ”Permanent” Makeup Application as a new addition to our many successful cosmetic procedures for patients in the Los Angeles area. The SofTap procedure will be performed by Katie Crecion, who comes to us from Anastasia’s Brows in Beverly Hills. Katie has been shaping and sculpting the eyebrows of Hollywood royalty for over a decade. She will provide the expertise and attention to detail that will make every SofTap procedure a work of art!

Unlike other permanent makeup applications which use electric tattoo devices that are often loud and unnerving, SofTap is applied with a hand held tool that is gentle, precise, and allows for complete control. The SofTap Hand Tool works by implanting the patient’s choice of pigment just under the outer layer of the skin. This allows the color to settle evenly and gives the results a soft and natural appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate for SofTap Permanent Makeup in Los Angeles?

Patients who will benefit from SofTap are those who have thin eyebrows and are currently using makeup every day to darken or draw in their brows. This procedure will provide better aesthetic results and will save patients the bother of daily application of make-up or brow pencil.

Like other methods of permanent makeup, the color result of the SoftTap procedure will fade somewhat with time. We recommend periodic touch up treatments every year or two to keep the aesthetic effect of your treatment fresh and perfect.

The Procedure

The SofTap Hand Tool is dipped in the SofTap Color and applied to the skin at the discretion of our brow specialist. The level of detail attainable through SofTap is incredible and the simplicity of the application method allows us to specifically tailor the results to the patient’s wishes, resulting in the most natural permanent makeup look possible. We are currently offering SofTap for eyebrow tattooing exclusively. We plan on expanding our SofTap procedures to include eyeliner and lip tattooing.

Pros and Cons of SofTap Permanent Makeup

Dr. Rivkin’s Los Angeles based Westside Aesthetics is the perfect place for using SofTap “Permanent” Makeup Application. SofTap is a very long lasting product and only the most skilled professionals should be trusted to perform such a delicate procedure. Katie will work closely with each patient to choose the perfect color and intensity for their skin, complexion, and look. Our goal is to give every patient a beautiful and subtly enhanced natural look.

SofTap Permanent Makeup Los Angeles

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