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We offer some insights into what to expect on your first visit to a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles, here at Westside Aesthetics.

Some Things To Know For Your First Visit To Our Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

If this is your first visit to Westside Aesthetics, we’d like to take this moment to welcome you to our clinic. At Westside Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, warm atmosphere that radiates luxury and comfort.

We hope you’ll notice this and more on your first visit to our clinic—a friendly staff, experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, and an innovative team of cosmetic surgery professionals. But what really matters to us is that you have a great experience here and that you love your results.

What you experience during your first visit will depend on the procedure or set of procedures you’re interested in. Generally, the first step of any first visit will be a consultation, sometimes with Dr. Rivkin or sometimes with a member of the staff, depending on patient preference and on the procedure desired. During this consultation, you will discuss your desired results and the best way to achieve those results.

This consultation can be a collaborative process, and your cosmetic surgeon or professional may suggest some additional procedures to get the results you want—or, by the same token, may recommend a smaller dosage of the procedure you’re interested in.

Before Your Appointment

There are some things you can do before your scheduled appointment to speed up the process. Many of our intake forms are available on our website and can be filled out ahead of time. Additionally, if you are interested in an injectable filler or some of the best Botox Los Angeles can lay claim to, we generally recommend that you avoid blood thinners such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or fish oil supplements.

Additionally, before your appointment, you can decide whether you would prefer to have your procedure performed by Dr. Rivkin, Dr. Cohen, or one of our nurses. This is a decision that might require some thought, as there are benefits of each approach, and all of our nurses and cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified. Indeed, our laser procedures are done exclusively by nurses, so if you’re interested in a laser treatment, one of our great nurses will take care of your needs.

During Your Appointment

As mentioned above, your first step is a consultation. For many procedures, such as laser treatments or CoolSculpting, this will be all that happens during your appointment. Laser and body treatments both require more time to accomplish—sometimes over an hour, depending on the treatment area. So laser treatments, CoolSculpting, and a few other procedures will require an additional appointment to get your results.

However, for procedures such as Botox and Injectable Fillers, treatments can be administered immediately following your consultation—on the same day. This is because, often, Botox or injectable filler treatments require less than ten minutes to accomplish. Of course, this is usually at the patient’s discretion, so if you would like to keep that consultation and the treatment separate, that works for us. Most patients, however, opt for the most convenient course of action.

Closing Out Your Appointment

As your appointment draws to an end, one of our cosmetic nurses, surgeons, or consultants will draw up for you a custom treatment plan. This treatment plan will outline a holistic approach to maintaining your youthful new look.

This treatment plan will include suggestions that include additional procedures you could undertake and when to schedule your follow-up appointment if you want to maintain your results.

It's All About You

Whether it’s your first visit to Westside Aesthetics or your tenth, we remain firmly committed to your desires and needs. In other words, we like to keep you in the driver’s seat and offer the best ways for you to reach your desired results.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to get all the information you need to make a good decision for yourself.

If you’re interested in getting your feet wet with cosmetic surgery, contact us today to schedule your consultation and get going with your first visit.

First Visit in Los Angeles

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