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We believe our patients should be well informed. Get more in-depth information on the difference between traditional and non-surgical facelift procedures here.

Saving Face in Brentwood, CA: Facelift Choices Explained

Sayonara scalpel: visible, non-surgical improvements aren’t only aspirational, they’re achievable. In the quest to defy gravity, there are a whole host of safe, efficacious alternatives to traditional plastic surgery procedures that offer lasting results without going under the knife.

A pioneer in the field of non-invasive cosmetic treatments, the LA-based Dr. Alexander Rivkin offers his patients years of experience and expertise in the art of using injectables and non-surgical technologies to lift and restore the appearance of sagging, prematurely-aged skin.

These are just a few of the reasons why a non-surgical facelift is the smarter choice:

Non Surgical Facelift is Safer

A non-surgical facelift does not entail an invasive, surgical procedure or the use of general anesthesia. Downtime is minimal with little to no side effects: patients typically experience minor swelling, redness or bruising that is easily concealed with makeup.

Traditional facelifts necessitate the use of general anesthesia and procedures can result in complications such as infection, scarring, paralysis of the face, and even permanent disfigurement.

Non Surgical Facelift is More Cost-Effective

Non-surgical facelifts are far more affordable than traditional surgeries, saving patients thousands of dollars for more desirable, natural-looking results.

Traditional surgical procedures can cost upwards of $6,000, not including fees for anesthesia and hospital usage, as well as the cost of painkillers and other medications post-surgery.

Non Surgical Facelift Offers Faster Recovery

Non-surgical facelifts require little to no downtime. Some of the simpler procedures–dubbed “lunchtime lifts”–take roughly 15-30 minutes and patients can resume normal activities immediately. More extensive non-surgical procedures that entail a number of different treatments and/or technologies occasionally require two days of recovery time, at the most.

Traditional surgical facelifts typically require several weeks or even months of recovery time and usually involve pain, scarring, bruising, and swelling from the procedure, as well as medication to treat pain.

Non-Surgical Facelift Offers More Natural- Looking Result

Non-surgical procedures offer far subtler and more natural-looking enhancements to the face, filling in deep lines and wrinkles or adjusting contours of the face without the risk of disfigurement.

Injectables allow for specific treatment of trouble spots thereby restoring or enhancing your natural beauty rather than completely altering it with surgery. In addition, because patients are awake during the treatment, they are able to communicate with Dr. Rivkin and exercise control over their final results.

Traditional surgical facelifts oftentimes result in telltale stretched-looking skin, leading to a look of permanent surprise or a completely difference appearance altogether. Results are very difficult to predict and because patients are under general anesthesia, they have no control over the final results of the procedure.

About Dr. Rivkin and Westside Aesthetics

A Yale-trained, board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rivkin has successfully treated thousands of patients in the greater Los Angeles area and his innovative non-surgical facial techniques are being taught to cosmetic surgeons across the country.

Dr. Rivkin and his accredited staff at Westside Aesthetics provide a initial consultation where they take time to understand your individual goals and medical history to determine the most appropriate procedure for your needs.

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