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To those searching for a fatty neck treatment, Westside Aesthetics offers a great option in Westside Aesthetics. We help you slim down and diminish or eliminate fatty tissue, so you look and feel more youthful without a long recovery time.

Aging Faces and Aging Necks: Beating a Fatty Neck

As our faces age, fat pockets that provide youthful fullness shrink and descend, we lose muscle and bone mass and our skin loses collagen and elasticity. This is part of the process that causes the appearance of an older face particularly around the lower jawline and neck.

Commonly referred to as “jowls” or a “turkey waddle,” this can be one of the most visible and detrimental signs of aging. Previously, these conditions could only be treated with a traditional surgical facelift, an invasive procedure that is expensive and involves significant risk and down time.

Now, with new advances in cosmetic technology, we are pleased to be able to offer you a revolutionary, minimally invasive, laser facelift procedure, known as LazerFacelift or Precision TX.

The Laser Facelift works by utilizing finely calibrated Nd:YAG 1440-nm laser energy to precisely target the connective tissue and fat just under the skin of the face.

Applying laser energy to the fat under the skin melts that fat, reducing the appearance of a double chin and jowls. This melted fat is then removed with a small, safe suction device.

By delivering laser energy to the underside of the skin, natural healing processes are stimulated to immediately tighten the skin as well as continuously improve the texture and structure for several months following your procedure. The result is a remarkably better defined jawline and elimination of loose skin under the chin.

Beat Fatty Neck with Laser Facelift

A typical Laser Facelift procedure is quick, painless, and non-invasive. A Laser Facelift can be done in about thirty minutes to an hour, and there is no need for general anesthesia. Three to five tiny incisions will be placed behind the ears and under the chin by your doctor; these holes are the same diameter as a pen and will be completely unnoticeable once healed.

Through these holes, a numbing agent is applied for patient comfort, and laser energy is applied to the treatment area through a liposuction-like catheter. Laser Facelift also utilizes a ThermaGuide system, which provides real-time tissue temperature feedback. This is an essential safety feature that allows us to perform the procedure with a minimal risk of adverse events.

After the procedure, a dressing is applied with a head bandage that you keep on until your return visit to Dr. Rivkin’s office the next day. He will then change the dressing to a small compression garment that fits around the neck and head.

You will wear that garment for a few days around the clock and then at night for two weeks. Most people can go back to work after 4 or 5 days. There may be a small amount of residual bruising, but that should be coverable with make-up.

Pain after the procedure is minimal. Tylenol should be enough to relieve any discomfort. If necessary, we have stronger pain medications available. Swelling should be limited to the first one to two days.

Good candidates considering a minimally invasive laser lift procedure are patients who wish to reverse the signs of aging but do not want to go the route of an invasive surgical facelift.

Patients who do not want to undergo general anesthesia, extended downtime, and who may not be ready to financially commit to an expensive surgical procedure, will find Laser Facelift a fantastic non-surgical alternative.

Patients with loose and sagging skin, jowls, turkey neck, a saggy jaw line will benefit from the treatment.

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